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Post Shave Balm for Men

Men grooming

Post-shave balm is the best way to finish your daily shaving ritual.
The final step in the Pall Mall Barbers’ unique 3 3-step shaving System is our Sandalwood and Clove Post Shave Balm.

If you’ve followed the 3 step process, it’s important to finish with a product that will soothe and smooth your skin, so that it looks refreshed and feels comfortable.
We developed this product after years of experience shaving men’s faces noticing which products worked and listening to the specific needs of our customers.
Hence, our Sandalwood and Clove Post Shave Balm has been developed using the best ingredients available.
It contains prickly pear seed oil which will calm and soothe the skin after your shave, and then glycerine to smooth it and prevent any dry or rough patches from developing. Its masculine scent of sandalwood and clove adds a luxurious end to your daily shaving ritual, as well as containing antiseptic properties to protect your skin.
To use the post-shave balm, simply dispense a one-pump dose after shaving and massage into your face. If you want to see a video to see exactly how to follow each step in our professional shaving system including the post-shave balm, watch it here.
Suitable for all skin types, the post-shave balm can be bought on its own or as a set with the pre-shave scrub and shaving cream with from the exclusive Pall Mall Barbers 3-Step Shaving System.

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