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Robert Downey Jr Avengers: Endgame Haircut

In this series of ‘How to get the look’ Pall Mall Barbers General Manager Dan Davies explains how to get your hair like your Avengers superhero’s to celebrate the release of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Avengers: Endgame.

Who is he?

You can’t mention Marvel without the words Robert Downey Jr passing the lips. The most stylish of the Avengers, this billionaire playboy A.K.A. Iron Man has an abundance of charisma and a great hairstyle and beard to match. If you want to style and profile like Tony Stark then read on.

robert downey jr avengers haircut

What to ask your barber for?

The misconception about this look is that it is completely textured. The reality is this look is feathered. Over-texturising haircuts like this can lead to the hair flopping down and not maintaining its style.

Your barber should put the thinning scissors and clippers to one side because this look is all about good scissor work with light razored feathering.

The back and sides are scissored over the comb and tapered leaving enough length so the hair can be swept subtly to enhance your face shape.

robert downey jr avengers haircut

How to style

Blow drying is a must with this look. Use sea salt spray to add volume and a hairdryer with a nozzle. Lift the hair up in sections using your hand and blow dry upwards to enhance the volume on the top.

On the back and sides use a small round brush to and brush in a backwards down motion so that the hair flows back easily. The hair dryer is simply to add volume and style.

Apply some workable paste evenly over the hair in the same way that you blow-dried the hair.

Finish by using a tooth comb to push the hair backwards on the sides and tease the top into place with your fingers.

Who would this look be suitable for?

This look is great for anyone wanting to take their style to the next level. RDJ is an eccentric yet highly stylish man, so if you’re looking to match your hair to your personality then this may be the look for you.

How often should I get it cut?

We recommend taking a trip to the barbershop every 3-4 weeks to maintain this look.

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