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Which Ronaldo Haircut is Best For You?

When he’s not busy putting three past Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo is polishing his superstar brand with his PR moves, his extravagance, and his looks. The Ronaldo haircut is the cherry on a well-chiseled and highly sought-after cake but it makes all the difference and not just when he’s heading home a vital goal for Madrid. Just like his style of play, he can chop and change his haircut from season to season, here are a few of our favourites from Ronny and how you can rock them yourself.

Combover, Undercut, and Hard Part

With this beauty, you keep things short for summer and retain a dollop of style too. The hard part (the strong, sharp dividing line) creates drama, excitement, and high impact. This style will require some attention and TLC in the mornings but it isn’t the neediest, time-consuming look to maintain. The Pall Mall Barbers luxury pomade is perfect for creating the slick parting look and keeping that hair in place throughout the day. The pomade puts you firmly in control like Portugal’s captain standing over a ball.
ronaldo haircut

Textured Combover and Tapered Sides

Here, CR7 lets the undercut grow longer giving him a more mature look. The textured medium length on top combines style with professionalism and lets you know he means business. This look might not suit you if you have a beard because there will be a lot going on. If you are a bearded fellow, consider trimming it to stubble or going for a shorter side to create contrast between facial hair and the crown. Speaking of crowns, just like this young King of Portugal we want you to feel like royalty as you leave one of our luxury barbershops in central London. That’s why we are masters of men’s haircuts and excellent executioners of wet shaves in London – we are the beard specialists of LDN!
ronaldo haircut

Slick Back

Keep the locks long on top with this style courtesy of Portugal’s star man. The sides are shaved to a number 2 – perfect for this warm weather we’re getting. Using a high-quality product to create the slick back effect is crucial because otherwise you’ll just be a wet, oily mess and that is very un-Ronaldo-esque. Again, a pomade would be wonderful for this style and it comes with a masculine, distinctive scent to create even more impact when you shake a hand or kiss a cheek. The pomade will provide a stronghold with shine, allowing you to forget about maintaining it after the morning routine is over.
ronaldo haircut

Visit The Best Barbers in London to get a Ronaldo Haircut

Whichever style you opt for, always remember it’s the only inspiration and you should consult with a master barber at the best barbershop in London, Pall Mall Barbers, to get some advice on what would suit your appearance. If you do have a beard and want to integrate that luscious facial fur into the look, don’t forget that we are the beard specialists in London and our central London barbershops are the home of beard trims and wet shaves. Once you’ve decided which Ronaldo you want to be, you should head to an established, experienced, luxury barbershop in London to get the cut executed like a Cristiano freekick. Pall Mall Barbers are ready and waiting to set you up for the striking look you desire, just don’t do his celebration in the shop – thanks.

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