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Styling Products & Pliable Clay

If you are looking for a matte finish to your hairstyle, this is the best product from Pall Mall Barbers to achieve that.
Pliable clay is a great hair styling product for men and it will give a natural hold to any mens hairstyle.
With Pall Mall’s Pliable clay you are able to create styles that you can re-work throughout the day.
Our hairstyling tips and advice for men, show you how to style your hair to get that look. Some great tips for men on styling your hair for a look like Prince Harry.
To use this styling product, rub a small amount of the styling product between the fingers and work from root to tip for a strong, matte hold with added texture.
One very important thing to remember when you want a matt look is that you have to be sure that your hair  is completely dry.
Use a hair dryer and be sure that you remove all water from your hair.
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Alternatively you can purchase in any of our London Barber Stores.

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