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The Ben Earl Haircut: How to get it

Zoran from Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate dissects how to get your hair like England Rugby star Ben Earl.

What to ask your barber for?

This haircut is done with point a cut technic which will give the hair a texturized look. Then when the hair is dry we do additional chopping technic to add more to the messy look. Sides are done with number 4 on the clippers.

Who would this look be suitable for?

Ben’s hair is suitable for most of the face shapes , can be styled in few different ways and adjusted to suit the client.

This look can be done on most of the hair types. To be more specific you need to have from medium to tick hair with slight wave in to it. Why? Because this haircut brings choppy texturized messy look.

How to style

For the styling part. This style is easy to maintain & style because of the way the hair is cut. You will need. PMB sea salt spray which gives lift and hold to the hair and gives that natural look and finish and detail with PMB playable clay which gives matt finish natural choppy textured look.

With few spins in the styling because of the length of the hair you can do it and make it suitable for many other events. This style can be done in a shorter version also to give more youthful look.

How often do I need to get it cut?

To maintain this look you need to have your haircut done every 3 to 4 weeks.

Visit Pall Mall Barbers to get the Ben Earl Haircut

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