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The Irishman Hair Style Advice from Matthew at Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate

Have you seen The Irishman?

Advice from Matthew at Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate on how to achieve The Irishman Hair Style.


The Irishman It’s an epic movie. The old boys are back on screen (De Niro, Pesci, Pacino) and behind the screen too (Scorsese). It’s a rather long film but it ticks all the boxes if you’re an avid watcher of any of the aforementioned stars. The visuals were fantastic, you couldn’t find a more immersive set of scenes and the technology was genuinely impressive. Speaking of the looks, some of you might be wondering how to get some of those classic hairstyles you saw in The Irishman. Well, courtesy of our London barbers, you’ll be able to achieve the exact style you want, from the Irishman Hair Style so take your pick. Read on for tips and guidance from our Bishopsgate Barber Matthew.

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Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Ray Romano in ‘The Irishman’  📷 Netflix

How To Get The Robert De Niro Look From The Irishman

Bob is the centre of the story, he’s the gritty, working-class truck driver who gets handsomely tangled up in the world of mafioso. Speaking of handsome, incredible CGI work transforms early 70’s De Niro into mid 40’s Frank Sheeran. His hairstyle is clean and sharp, something that can be easily conjured up by our London barbers.

If you want the Robert De Niro hairstyle from The Irishman, you should ask our barbers in London. Tell them you want a short scissor-cut on the back and sides, which graduates down from the recession. With this style, you can choose a tapered/ natural neckline or a fuller/ straight neckline – either one will look good. Ask the talented craftsman or woman at our London barber shop to give you a fully connected haircut with no space between the top and the side. This will enable the hair to be styled backwards without any strands falling over the edges, and creating an overhang from the top.

The Irish Man Hair Style | Robert De Niro | Hair Styles | Gentlemen Haircuts | Best Barbers
Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) has conflicting loyalties in ‘The Irishman.’ 📷 Handout

Now, once you’ve left our London barbers you can start to maintain the look at home. You’ll simply need to use a hairdryer and brush to create the style. Use the nozzle of the hairdryer to direct the hair backwards, this will allow for easier styling when applying product. When applying product spread through your hands before applying and then ensure to work into all the hair, using the pliable clay recommended by your favourite London barber shop for a matte finish or if you prefer, a pomade to add more of a shine.

How to Get the Al Pacino Look From The Irishman

In a similar fashion to De Niro’s, you can easily achieve Al Pacino’s hairstyle from The Irishman. He plays the brash-talking, bold-walking Jimmy Hoffa but there’s nothing too challenging about this look. It can be made by using a number 4 low around the bottom, or with a short scissor cut. The back and sideburns also have a taper to give the sharp look that Pacino supports throughout the movie. The cut is graduated through the sides to allow for a bit of length nearer the top to push backwards. The hair on top is short but slightly longer than that of the sides to allow for it to be styled backwards.

The Irish Man Hair Style | Al Pacino | Hair Styles | Gentlemen Haircuts | Best Barbers
Al Pacino in “The Irishman.”  📷 Netflix

To achieve this style at home you’ll need to dry the hair in a backwards direction using the nozzle to direct and the brush to flatten the hair into shape. To achieve the wet look that Al Pacino has throughout the film you will want to style your hair with the pomade recommended by your favourite London barbers.

How to Get the Ray Romano Look from The Irishman

With such a star-studded line-up it’s easy to forget that the legendary Ray Romano was in this movie. Ray wears a classic side part style in this film. You should ask your London barber for a scissor cut, taking the hair above the ear and with the side part on the recession. This style works with either a tapered neckline or a fuller finish at the bottom, so preference is key when looking at the neckline. If you like this style but would prefer for it to be a shorter cut, you can ask for a number 4 around the bottom and that will allow you to keep the style but with a shorter finish around the ears.

To create The Irish Man Hair Style – Ray Romano Look at home you’ll need a comb to get the side part straight, this is done by using the tip of the comb to run forwards from the back of the parting to the front while the hair is damp to create a nice straight line. Use a hairdryer with the nozzle attached and a brush in your other hand to create shape and direction when drying. This sort of style is best styled with our pompadour paste to give a strong hold on the fringe when creating volume, or our pomade for more of a shine. Not sure what to get? Simply ask your favourite London barbers and they’ll advise you!

Ray Romano in “The Irishman.”  📷 Netflix

Find out more about Matthew

Barbering since the tender age of 16, Matthew learned his trade at the same local barbers that cut his hair from childhood. Joining the team at Bishopsgate, he’s a natural with the scissors and has also become proficient at skin fades. His favourite cuts are short and sharp styles. Matthew’s personality shines through and comes in handy as he manages to find something in common with all of his clients – and says the best feeling is when a customer leaves with a smile on their face.

When he’s not at work, Matthew likes to play football and loves watching a match too – and is a movie buff, into action and comedies.

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Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate – Matthew

Matthew’ Top Tip

Pliable Clay and Sea Salt Spray are versatile products – they bring a subtle hold to most hair types.

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