Jack Grealish is one of the most highly rated young English footballers in the country. Playing for Aston Villa, he’s no villain himself as he winds up being the hero on many occasions. The ladies love Jack and there’s no surprise because his hairstyle is fancier than his footwork. At 22 years old, Jack has got attention from the fairer sex as well as some fairly decent sides in the premier league who want the promising talent for themselves. With a haircut and look that’s quite daring, you don’t necessarily have to be a handsomely paid athlete to rock this style but you will need some charisma. While Jack might be a future star of the English game, he is still playing in the Championship which means he still has some way to go before reaching his full potential. Consequently, if you were to imitate his hairstyle not many folks would notice that you copied it, leaving your adoring public to believe you are a true original (it’s okay, we won’t tell them).

Master barber, Russell from Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross explains the Grealish haircut in a bit more detail below.

What is the Jack Grealish Haircut?

Jack’s hair is an undercut which, together with his slicked back hair, makes way for the stunning slicked back undercut look. Fans of Boardwalk Empire might associate this look with Jimmy Darmody who rocks it on the show with equal measures of pizzazz. The slight difference is that Jack has gone for the big hair effect in his slicked back undercut, whereas Jimmy has a flat and a classic slick back undercut. In essence, to recreate the Jack Grealish haircut you will need an undercut on the back and sides while the hair on top should be around 6 inches. This look will therefore require some growth on top before it can be executed perfectly but if you already have a lot of hair on top, you can make this bad boy barnet yours today!

Jack Grealish haircut

The signature Jack Grealish haircut

What to ask your barber for?

Assuming you’ve grown out enough length on top (approx. 5-6 inches), ask your barber for an undercut with a grade 1 on the back and sides. If in doubt, show a picture to your barber. It always helps for peace of mind.

What product should you use?

You’ll need to go for a product that has a solid hold and some shine. A good quality pomade will do just the trick. Apply a small amount and comb through the hair using a hair dryer to keep in place.

How regularly should you get it cut?

Every 2-3 weeks to keep the fade looking sharp.

Jack Grealish Haircut

The signature Jack Grealish haircut

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