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Want the Jack Grealish Hairstyle?

Jack Grealish Hairstyle – Jack Grealish is one of the most highly-rated young English footballers in the country. Playing for Aston Villa, he’s no villain himself as he winds up being the hero on many occasions. The ladies love Jack and there’s no surprise because his hairstyle is fancier than his footwork.

At 22 years old, Jack has got attention from the fairer sex as well as some fairly decent sides in the premier league who want the promising talent for themselves. With a Jack Grealish Hairstyle and look that’s quite daring, you don’t necessarily have to be a handsomely paid athlete to rock this style but you will need some charisma.

While Jack Grealish might be a future star of the English game, he is still playing in the Championship which means he still has some way to go before reaching his full potential. Consequently, if you were to imitate Jack Grealish Hairstyle not many folks would notice that you copied it, leaving your adoring public to believe you are a true original (it’s okay, we won’t tell them).

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What is the Jack Grealish Hairstyle?

Jack Grealish’s hair is an undercut which, together with his slicked-back hair, makes way for the stunning slicked back undercut look. Fans of Boardwalk Empire might associate this look with Jimmy Darmody who rocks it on the show with equal measures of pizzazz.

The slight difference is that Jack Grealish has gone for the big hair effect in his slicked back undercut, whereas Jimmy has a flat and a classic slick back undercut. In essence, to recreate the Jack Grealish haircut you will need an undercut on the back and sides while the hair on top should be around 6 inches.

This look will therefore require some growth on top before it can be executed perfectly but if you already have a lot of hair on top, you can make this bad boy barnet yours today!

What to ask your barber for?

Jack Grealish hairstyle requires you to cut about 5-6 inches at most on top which will leave your head looking smooth and stylish! If it’s not too clear what grade 1 means in terms of looks for undercuts then just show a picture. We’re happy enough when our clients walk away feeling satisfied after all.

What product should you use?

You’ll need to go for a product that has a solid hold and some shine. A good quality pomade will do just the trick. Apply a small amount and comb through the hair using a hairdryer to keep it in place.


Our luxurious pomade was designed specifically for those with thicker hair. With its distinctive and masculine scent, our fragranced oil will help to style your locks in a classic way that’s both sleek but also provides some stronghold because of the fragrance! Suitable for all types including short or medium length scalps – you can use this product without sacrificing any styling needs at all.

Directions: To apply use a small amount of damp or dry hair and style into place.

Jack Grealish Hairstyle

Pall Mall Barbers Products For Men

On top of that, we know how important it is to keep yourself looking groomed all year round. That is why we produce a vast range of luxury men grooming products, inspired by our client’s needs and lifestyles. It reveals a character that asserts itself independence and determination, for the city gentlemen who chooses his own destiny.

Sandalwood & Clove Beard Pack For Men

If you’re like most men, you take pride in your appearance. You want to look good, feel good, and impress the ladies. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created a special beard pack just for men! This pack includes sandalwood and clove beard oil, which will help keep your beard healthy and looking great. So why wait? Order today and start feeling confident about your appearance!

Jack Grealish Hairstyle

Check out this sandalwood and clove beard pack! It’s perfect for conditioning and styling your beard, and it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. Plus, the scent is amazing – it’s like you’re walking through a grove of fresh sandalwood trees! So why not give it a try? Your beard will love you for it!

Designed for you by our Pall Mall Barbers experts, both our beard oil and moustache wax were naturally found in essential oils. Providing you with a pure and natural feeling on the skin, beard and moustache.

The product range is used by our barbers in-store and can be purchased therefore you can recreate that unique style with ease – with a little friendly advice from one of our highly skilled team of barbers in London.

Hair Styling Products for Men – Pall Mall Barbers Products

With so many different products out there, how can you be sure which hair styling product will work for your needs?

The men’s hair styling products from our range have been developed over many years using the finest ingredients – ones that work, and also smell great. We’ve tried them out with customers who matter most – you! So rest assured knowing these shampoos will give your locks what they need to look healthy & beautiful again.

It’s time for something new when it comes down to how we care about ourselves; put simply ‘they do exactly as promised.

Jack Grealish Hairstyle

High Hold Styling Bundle – Hair Styling Products

Whether you want a smooth back look, like that of those Mad Men Don Draper and Peter Campbell, or maybe you prefer a more rugged, casual and messy style like Prince Harry likes to sport, then we’ll have just the right hair styling products for you.

If you’re a man with short, medium or long hair looking for a new styling product to help control your locks, this is the perfect bundle for you. Whether you want a natural look, a wet look or something in between these products will provide that desired style without making it too stiff.

High Hold Styling Bundle – Hair Styling Products is great for guys who are looking for something with a long-lasting hold without the stickiness or residue left behind like most other products on the market. These products will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything!

Jack Grealish Hairstyle

Texture Enhancer – 100ml

Texture Enhancer is a real lifesaver! You put it in and five minutes later you’re done with all those pesky messy pieces that always seemed to sneak their way into every photo or video no matter how hard we tried. A few swipes on our favourite brush (which also works as an elastic) will give us everything from natural waves/curls to straight-up styles without any effort whatsoever…and most importantly: They’ll stay fresh-looking until wash day because of its matt finish formula.

Directions: Apply a small amount to dried hair to be able to shape and reshape.


Jack Grealish Hairstyle

Workable Paste – 100ml

Workable Paste is a styling product that can be used on wet or dry hair and in any environment. It works to create different shapes and styles with a little touch of shine, making it perfect for both home use and when you’re travelling.

Directions: Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair and work from the root to the tip, shaping it into the desired style.

Jack Grealish Hairstyle

Pliable Clay – 100ml

Pliable clay is a versatile styling product that can be used to create textured looks and offers the user an option of long-term wear. It creates styles that are easily reworked throughout their day by adding volume or texture in just one application! For those looking for something with more durability than water-based products, Pliable Clays provide superior hold without being too severe on delicate strands.

When washing out at any time desired – no shampooing is required. Perfect as always when enhancing your natural beauty through creative hairstyling. With its dry, matte finish and ability to be easily washed away at any time — pliable clay is an essential styling tool for adding texture or volume.

Directions: Rub a small amount of the styling product between the fingers and work from root to tip for a strong, matte hold with added texture.

Jack Grealish Hairstyle

To keep your haircut looking super groomed like Jack Grealish Hairstyle, try one of our styling products specifically formulated for all your hair needs, from light styling creams to pompadour pastes for the slick 50’s look. A little goes a long way so use these products sparingly. Check out the full range of hair styling products for men, watch a few of the videos and then go ahead and order them online too.  What could be easier?

The High Hold Styling Bundle – Hair Styling Products is great for men who are looking for something with a long-lasting hold without the stickiness or residue left behind like most other products on the market. These products will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything! Shop Now!

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Jack Grealish Hairstyle

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