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Thorsday – haircuts for Thor Ragnarok!

Thorsday lands at Pall Mall Barbers

This ‘Thorsday’, October 19, we’re teaming up with Marvel Studios to celebrate the forthcoming release of THOR: RAGNAROK by giving away free haircuts in our Bishopsgate store. You could even win a holiday for two to Iceland!

For your free haircut, simply Quote #THORSDAY tomorrow (October 19 ONLY) at Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate between 9 am-5 pm for a free chop to celebrate THOR: RAGNAROK in cinemas on October 24.

Why Thorsday, we hear you ask? The Mighty Thor is known for his long blonde hair, but in the new movie, his hair is cut into a short new style when he is captured and forced to fight Hulk on the planet Sakaar.

Get Chris Hemsworth’s haircut

chris hemsworth thor ragnarok premiere chris hemsworth's haircut
To get Chris Hemsworth’s classic messy haircut, ask your barber for a number 4 on the back and sides, not taken too high. On the top, it’s been texturised to suit his face shape – so ask your barber for the same. To style, blowdry with some sea salt spray, and apply our Texture Enhancer to dry hair for mild hold.

Chris Hemsworth’s beard is kept short and tidy, keep your beard in similar tip-top condition by applying a few pumps of Sandalwood and clove Beard Oil, not forgetting to work it into the skin underneath.

Get Tom Hiddleston’s haircut

tom hiddleston's haircut, tom hiddleston thor ragnarok premiere
Tom Hiddleston’s haircut has become quite popular in recent years. It’s well suited to his face shape, creating a more masculine appearance. To get Tom Hiddleston’s classic slick style, you’ll need to grow out the back and sides and not use a clipper as much
Suitable for his face shape, creating a more masculine face shape.

Once you’ve grown your hair, ask your barber to cut evenly to around 8 inches on the top, and cut to around 6 inches on the back and sides, to give a more balanced look. Apply our Light Dressing Cream to damp hair, to give it a natural look with flexibility. Longer and curlier hair such as Tom’s will need a conditioner like our Argan Conditioner. And since Tom’s beard is slightly longer, use a scrub like our Pre-Shave Scrub to remove any dry skin beneath and replenish the skin and beard with a few pumps of Beard Oil.

The Trailer

The premiere takes place around the corner from our Trafalgar Square store in Leicester Square on October 25th.
Starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Marc Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster and Cate Blanchett as Hela, THOR: RAGNAROK combines the famous comic book stories of World War Hulk and Ragnarok to bring two epic heroes together in a battle to save Asgard from Hela and prevent her bringing about Ragnarok, ‘the end of the world’.
Whilst Thor: Ragnarok takes place in the far reaches of space, Thor: The Dark World had most of its action played out here in London, focusing in Greenwich and a random tube scene at Charing Cross.

Eagle-eyed viewers will of course know that you can’t get a direct tube from Charing Cross to Greenwich, and certainly not in only 3 stops. But what’s a bit of artistic license when the main character is the God of thunder?

Did you know

Thursday was in fact named after Thor? Wednesday is named for Woden (Odin) – who is Thor’s dad. Most of the days of the week are also named after the Nordic pantheon, who Marvel’s famed hammer-wielding God is based on. Sunday comes Sunna (the Norse sun), Monday from Máni, (the moon), Tuesday from Tyr (Thor’s half-brother and one-handed god of war, justice and duelling), and Friday from Frigga (Goddess of love and healing, and wife to Odin). Pretty cool, eh?

The small print

Up to 50 free Thorsday haircuts on Thursday 19th October 2017 and a chance to win a holiday for two to Iceland at participating barbers only. Open to UK residents aged 18+ only. Entry and holiday restrictions and exclusions apply. See full terms for details at http://terms.disneyinternational.com/Terms/ThorsdayPromotion.pdf

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