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Beard Grooming Tips to Maintain Beard Shape

You know how it is. You get a great job done at the barber shop with a new stylish beard you can now confidently face the world with. Within a week, you are wondering if you now need another beard trim or even have done with it and shave it off.
Beard shaping isn’t just something that happens at the barbers, it has to become part of your daily routine.  How to keep the barber’s expert beard shape is one of the commonest questions asked of our staff.  We are as passionate about keeping up facial hair design standards as you are… So based on some of the challenges our clients face, here are some of the advice and tips we offer men who like to keep their beard in shape.

PMB Tips For Great Beard Shaping

During the initial stages of growing a beard, use beard trimmers to keep edges looking sharp and look at your beard from different angles with two mirrors to see if you have the shape and definition you are looking for. Tidy up any straggling hair to keep a clean look every morning or before going out somewhere special.
If you have still not decided whether a beard is really for you or which style of beard is best for the shape of your face, experiment with different lengths. Hang in there through some days when you want to throw in the towel after shaving. We recommend you try different beard styles, from the bushy full beard variety whilst the days are still cold, to subtle designer stubble. ‘Trying on’ different looks will will help you find your ideal look to suit your personality and sense of style.  When you feel at home with your preferred beard shape, you will carry it off better.
If aiming for a light stubble beard style, take some time with creating a clean beard line for beard shaping that keeps a professionally groomed look. Stubble beards are a little edgier in how they look than the bushy kind, so maintaining a clearly defined beard outline will project the image of a sharp sense of style.  The same advice goes for short beard styles we expect to see more of now Spring has arrived.
If you are admiring the long beard styles of men you see around, don’t throw that razor away just yet.  The long beard will look more hill-billy or ‘old man’ if you don’t maintain good beard grooming and shaping routines. Keeping the neck and cheeks clean-shaven will give your beard more prominence and a clear definition will add to its overall shape and look.
As part of your beard grooming, throughout the day, keep beard oil in your bag, desk drawer, or car to freshen up your look when needed. To keep unruly facial hair in order, just add only a few drops of beard oil onto the hand and smooth from underneath, through and over the beard. Work the oil in well, which helps not only lightly bind the hair, but also gives your beard a healthier look.

Learn How To Maintain a Beard To Keep That Fresh From The Barber Look

If you want to know how to use beard oil for best effect, watch our video.
We use our own brand of Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil to condition the beards of our clients. We finish off the professional look with Pall Mall Barbers Moustache Wax to keep those moustache tips in place for that definitive British-controlled beard and moustache style.
Both our bespoke beard oil blend and moustache wax are available to buy here on the Pall Mall Barbers website, or why not drop into one of our four barber stores, in the city centre London: Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate and Trafalgar Square?  Treat yourself to some hands-on professional advice on beard grooming, shaping and trimming and pick up top-quality men’s personal grooming products designed by our own barbers based on feedback from our own clients.

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