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Decembeard Beard Grooming Tips

If you’re reading our blog, you’ve probably at least heard of Movember by now (and if not, get up to speed here). But how about Decembeard? No? We understand. It doesn’t quite have the name recognition of its dapper elder brother, yet. But as experts in male grooming, we at Pall Mall Barbers feel it’s our sworn duty to give you the lowdown on this very excellent cause.
Decembeard is a campaign and fundraiser jointly run by charities Bowel Cancer UK and Beating Bowel Cancer to raise money for research into a disease that claims one life every half hour. Like Movember, the idea is to get your family, friends and colleagues to give you cash in exchange for the privilege of gazing on your glorious visage as you let nature take its course. It may be a doddle compared to the artistic rigours of sculpting a Dali moustache, but that’s no excuse for slacking in the grooming department, especially now that you have patrons. Here are a few tips from the team to help you pull it off.

(And don’t worry if you’ve just come sailing over the Movember finish line and your face needs a breather, or even if you’re a lady who wants to get involved – bowel cancer doesn’t discriminate, and neither does Decembeard. The official website has plenty of other beard-themed activities to get stuck into.)

Beard Grooming Tips

Our barbers are all well-versed in styling beards

As ever, choose a style first. You can get some real-world inspiration simply by observing the staff in your nearest artisan coffee shop or anywhere that serves pulled pork (tattoos are optional). Alternatively, check out this list of iconic film star beards.
Once you’ve found your pin-up guy, you’ll need to assemble a few tools of the trade. Unless you’re going for the full Gandalf, a proper beard trimmer is an absolute must for maintaining your desired length. You’ll also want a sharp razor, shaving foam, beard oil and a comb or brush to smooth down any wayward hairs after trimming. For sensitive types prone to irritation, we’d also recommend a pre-shave oil to put an extra layer of protection between your skin and the blade.

It’s not absolutely essential, but a decent exfoliator wouldn’t go amiss. Use it once or twice a week to get rid of any dead skin cells for the closest shave possible.
Speaking of close shaves, make sure you get one before you get going. It’s only fair to start with a clean slate. Book a 45-minute luxury wet shave with one of our expert barbers for the ultimate experience and get some personalised beard advice while you’re in the chair. And while we’re on the subject of clean, consider investing in a pocket comb 9 for on-the-go grooming. Crumbs are not a good look unless you’re channelling Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”.
Now to the bigger question – to decorate or not to decorate? It is Christmas, and some might be tempted to get creative with the tinsel or even with the fairy lights. It’s a decision that every man will have to make for himself. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that glitter is the gift that keeps on giving into the New Year and beyond. Make of that what you will.

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