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The New Tom Cruise Haircut is Mission Possible

Tom Cruise Haircut

Just when you thought there couldn’t be yet another Mission Impossible movie, a new one arrives and Tom Cruise is as tough and tantalising as ever. It does beg the question – how many more editions to this sequence of films must there be before they realise the mission is actually quite doable? Say what… Read more »

Get the Harvey Specter Hairstyle

Harvey Specter hairstyle from London barbers

Suits you, sir! When he’s not busy laying down the law, Harvey is capable of being the charmer, the persuasive, playful, confident guy which make him a hit with both the clientele and the women. Read on for expert advice from the best barbers in London on how to achieve the Harvey Specter Hairstyle. Our… Read more »

How to get the Robert Pattinson hairstyle

Robert Pattinson Hairstyle at the best barbers in London

The Robert Pattinson hairstyle has drastically changed and fluctuated over the years but nobody quite pulls off the dishevelled look with as much pizzazz and personality as him. We are going to focus on the messy look. If you have ever wondered how he manages to look like he’s just got out of bed while… Read more »

Which of these Neymar hairstyles suits you?

Neymar has been ridiculed for the pasta-inspired perm he’s rocking this summer, but there have been some desirable hairdo’s from the Brazilian poster boy in the past. He’s had so many chops and changes of his crown that we had to boil it down to three. Here are 3 of our favourites from Neymar’s recent… Read more »

Which Ronaldo Haircut is Best For You?

ronaldo haircut

When he’s not busy putting three past Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo is polishing his superstar brand with his PR moves, his extravagance and his looks. The Ronaldo haircut is the cherry on a well-chiselled and highly sought after cake but it makes all the difference and not just when he’s heading home a vital goal for… Read more »

How Guys Should Deal With Long Hair

Best Barbers London - Pall Mall Barbers

Crops come and go, trims trend and fringes fall in and out of fashion but the long locks look seems to stand the test of time. Okay so not everybody rocks the shoulder-length hair style but if you are a man with a mane, we have got some tips to keep that fur fresh. If… Read more »

Get David Beckham’s Royal Wedding Hairstyle look!

David Beckham’s Royal Wedding hairstyle

David Beckham’s Royal Wedding hairstyle has already proven popular, with clients already asking us to help recreate the look. And of course, we aren’t surprised. David Beckham has been an absolute trend setter with his hair and fashion for years, and as the son of a hairdresser, it makes total sense that he’d be willing… Read more »

How to get Jamie Dornan’s haircut

get jamie dornan's haircut

Recently, a lot of our regulars have been asking for Jamie Dornan’s haircut. He seems to get a fair few women hot under the collar, so it’s a pretty safe bet that his haircut will make you popular too. Jamie Dornan’s haircut Right now, Jamie Dornan is probably best known as that chap from Fifty… Read more »