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Thorsday – haircuts for Thor Ragnarok!

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Thorsday lands at Pall Mall Barbers This ‘Thorsday’, October 19, we’re teaming up with Marvel Studios to celebrate the forthcoming release of THOR: RAGNAROK by giving away free haircuts in our Bishopsgate store. You could even win a holiday for two to Iceland! For your free haircut, simple Quote #THORSDAY tomorrow (October 19 ONLY) at… Read more »

How to Wet Shave Like a Pro

How to Wet Shave like a pro

Ever wondered how to wet shave? We’ve made a handy video that tells you how to wet shave like a pro using the Pall Mall Barbers Professional Shave System. The Pall Mall Barbers Professional Shave System has been developed by our team of barbers for use in barber shops and men’s grooming salons, as well… Read more »

Shampoo & Conditioner For Men

Image Pall Mall Barbers Product Gift Set

Why PMB Recommend Shampoo & Conditioner At Pall Mall Barbers we cut and style men’s hair all day long, starting right from using high quality shampoo and conditioner for men, because we understand that our gentlemen customers appreciate the whole luxury barber shop experience.  It feels great helping men feel good about themselves; we love… Read more »

Beard Grooming Tips to Maintain Beard Shape

Care for beards with a good Beard Oil

You know how it is. You get a great job of done at the barber shop with a new stylish beard you can now confidently face the world with. Within a week, you are wondering if you now need another beard trim or even have done with it and shave it off. Beard shaping isn’t… Read more »

How to Use Moustache Wax

How to use Moustache Wax

Moustache Wax.  What exactly is it, do I need it and how do I use it?  These are the questions we frequently get asked by our hairier faced customers. Well, to start with, moustache wax is a stiff pomade usually made from beeswax, oil and fragrance. At Pall Mall Barbers we’ve developed our own moustache… Read more »

Barbers in London

mens grooming goodie bag ideas

From what we see every day, men in London generally take pride in their appearance. Whether they work in the city and need a professional, well groomed appearance or prefer the more relaxed hipster look of a well shaped, busy beard and a slicked back quiff. We see it all at our male barbers in… Read more »

Best Barber in London?

Best Barber in London

We know many claim to be the best barber in London, but who really holds that accolade? Maybe we’re a little biased, but we’ve got lots of reasons to think we are in with a really good chance of claiming that title.. and it’s not just our egos talking. So what would constitute being the… Read more »