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Get the Richard Madden Bodyguard Haircut

Who is Richard Madden? From Glasgow to the Golden Globes, Richard Madden’s journey as a gifted actor and producer has been a heroic one both on and off the screen. Whether he’s playing the Young Wolf on Game of Thrones or Prince Kit in Cinderella, Richard’s performances are always critically acclaimed and much loved by… Read more »

Get the Robbie Williams Haircut

Robbie Williams haircut

Robbie’s back with a bang! The man who once sang ‘Let Me Entertain You’ is now in the judging chair waiting for hopeful harmonists to entertain him on the X Factor. Whether you watch the program or not, you will undoubtedly be hearing about it, reading about it and thinking about how Robbie Williams still… Read more »

Want the Jack Grealish Haircut?

Jack Grealish Haircut

Jack Grealish is one of the most highly rated young English footballers in the country. Playing for Aston Villa, he’s no villain himself as he winds up being the hero on many occasions. The ladies love Jack and there’s no surprise because his hairstyle is fancier than his footwork. At 22 years old, Jack has… Read more »

How often should I visit the barbers?

For guys who choose the right barbers in London, they want to be there all the time. It becomes addictive because it’s our own kind of therapy and we have the chance to be pampered and pruned without anybody peering into our business or privacy. We get some ‘me’ time and nothing disrupts it except… Read more »

How to get the Conor McGregor Haircut

Conor McGregor Haircut

The Conor McGregor Haircut When he’s not starring in a knockout highlight reel or a trailer for the greatest trash talkers in history, Conor McGregor is busy making himself an icon. When we think of the classic McGregor image, we think about ballsy, tight-fitting suits and a swaggering walk which could rival any catwalk model…. Read more »

The New Tom Cruise Haircut is Mission Possible

Tom Cruise Haircut

Just when you thought there couldn’t be yet another Mission Impossible movie, a new one arrives and Tom Cruise is as tough and tantalising as ever. It does beg the question – how many more editions to this sequence of films must there be before they realise the mission is actually quite doable? Say what… Read more »

Get the Harvey Specter Hairstyle

Harvey Specter hairstyle from London barbers

Suits you, sir! When he’s not busy laying down the law, Harvey is capable of being the charmer, the persuasive, playful, confident guy which make him a hit with both the clientele and the women. Read on for expert advice from our London barbers on how to achieve the Harvey Specter Hairstyle. Our favourite quote… Read more »

How to get the Robert Pattinson hairstyle

Robert Pattinson Hairstyle at the best barbers in London

The Robert Pattinson hairstyle has drastically changed and fluctuated over the years but nobody quite pulls off the dishevelled look with as much pizzazz and personality as him. We are going to focus on the messy look. If you have ever wondered how he manages to look like he’s just got out of bed while… Read more »

Which of these Neymar hairstyles suits you?

Neymar has been ridiculed for the pasta-inspired perm he’s rocking this summer, but there have been some desirable hairdo’s from the Brazilian poster boy in the past. He’s had so many chops and changes of his crown that we had to boil it down to three. Here are 3 of our favourites from Neymar’s recent… Read more »

Which Ronaldo Haircut is Best For You?

ronaldo haircut

When he’s not busy putting three past Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo is polishing his superstar brand with his PR moves, his extravagance and his looks. The Ronaldo haircut is the cherry on a well-chiselled and highly sought after cake but it makes all the difference and not just when he’s heading home a vital goal for… Read more »