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How does It work?

Each time you visit any of our stores for a service, purchase a product or perform certain actions like referring a friend, “reward points” are added to your account. The accrued reward points can then be used to pay for your future services or buy products.

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When you join our Universe Club, you will automatically earn reward points that can be used towards future services.

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Earn Rewards


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2 points

Book Online
2 points

2 points

Refer A Friend
10 points

Leave A Review
10 points

Share Feedback
10 points

Buy Gift Card
10 points

Buy Membership
10 points

2 points

Redeem on Exclusive Products & Memorable Experience



Becoming a member of the Universe Club is free.
Every time you have service or buy products in any Pall Mall Barbers stores, you will receive 0.1 points for every £1.00 spent. Once you reach a sufficient amount of points, you will be able to redeem the accumulated balance for your next purchase. For example, if I’ve spent £330 and got 33 points, then I could buy a haircut worth £33 or products worth £33. Although, you will need to accumulate at least 15 points and fill out a loyalty form at check out desk in order to be able to start redeeming your points.

The Universe Club points are redeemable only for purchases of services and products in any Pall Mall Barbers store. You cannot redeem your rewards points for online orders.

You must redeem points within 365 days of accrual, else the points will expire.

You will automatically start earning reward points as soon as you become our client. However, you must book online under your registered account with us. We cannot allocate points if you have multiple accounts within our system.

It’s easier to monitor your rewards and special offers via Pall Mall Barbers App. To start redeeming your points, you’ll be asked to fill out our loyalty form at the desk.

By participating in the Universe Club Loyalty Program, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time by Pall Mall Barbers.

Please make sure you set your communication preferences under your profile. We use email to communicate loyalty system information (we send periodic loyalty statements) and upgrades as well as reminders. To ensure you receive this communication, please sign up for our mailing list.

To start earning and monitoring your rewards Sign-In your account.

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