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Why do we love Marcus Willis?

Marcus Willis
Marcus Willis and Roger Federer
Marcus Willis & Roger Federer. Image source: Sky

Why do we love Marcus Willis?
Because he knows what close shaves are all about.
He’s the Wonder Boy of Wimbledon, the ultimate underdog who fought his way through six gruelling qualifying rounds to gain entry into the world’s most famous tennis tournament.
Marcus won hearts around the world with his thrilling Centre Court match against arguably the world’s greatest player, Roger Federer, so we’re happy to hear that he is a big fan of our shaving and grooming products.
Here are four points in favour of Marcus Willis, thanks to a little help from our products…


The smoother the shave, the faster the player. And in tennis, speed is everything.


The closer the shave, the sweeter the smile. We already love Marcus’s engaging grin. It’ll shine even brighter with a close shave.


Eye on the ball, hair out of your eyes. Our hair products keep your locks where they belong – stylishly groomed, and away from your brow.

And finally….

Smell good, feel good. A simple formula, and one that really kicks in when the match goes five sets – and your after-shave is still working.

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