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Christmas gift ideas for the most important ladies in your life

michael kores ladies watch

Christmas gift ideas for the most important ladies in your life

Granted, Christmas gifts may not be as painfully judged and ridiculed as Valentine’s Day presents, but Christmas is another time of year your love is seemingly put under a microscope, and one false move could mean hearing about it regularly for years to come, so here are 2 foolproof Christmas gift ideas for the most important ladies in your life – whether that be for your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife or indeed mother-in-law.

Christmas gift ideas for the ladies in your life

Scents and sensibilities

For most ladies and mothers, Jo Malone is basically the Holy Grail of gifting. And what’s more, they’re kind enough to make your life even easier at Christmas time by offering seasonal gift boxes of lots of delicious feminine products, taking the decision-making out of the equation for you.
For those of you confident enough to make your own decisions, choose between a range of exquisite scented diffusers, candles and perfumes for the home, as well as luxurious perfumes, bath and body lotions and potions.
jo malone
Is your present-buying too late to risk ordering online? There are a number of Jo Malone boutiques in London, including one not far from our Bishopsgate store.

Watches, never ring!

Unless you’re planning on proposing, it’s never a good idea to buy a girlfriend a ring at any point during your relationship unless you want to find yourself in the doghouse for the rest of the day. Jewellery is a thoughtful and personal gift but can be difficult to get right in terms of matching someone’s personal taste and style.
michael kores ladies watch
Watches in particular tick the thoughtful and practical box when it comes to gift-giving. Favourite designer brands include Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, DKNY and Armani.

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