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Luxury Gifts for Modern Gentlemen

If you’re looking for inspiration for luxury gifts for modern gentlemen in your life, our extensive grooming collection offers something for every man.

Gifts for Modern Gentlemen

If he’s growing some fuzz

Beard Pack for Men
Our beard collection, including Beard Oil and Moustache Wax, has everything he needs to keep it looking and smelling great.

If he’s a shaving aficionado

Why not get him a perfectly weighted safety razor and shaving brush? Our Trafalgar Bog Oak Set is timeless and elegant – combined with the 3-Step Shaving System for the ultimate gift.

If he’s always on the go

Our selection of Wash Bags will house his razor and all his PMB grooming products. We love the masculine deerskin wash bags.

If he’s new to shaving

Luxury Wet Shave & Wash Cut
Treat him to a luxury shave lesson Gift Voucher, so he’ll learn from a pro how to get the best possible shave.
We appreciate how difficult it can be to buy gifts for modern gentlemen, who seem to have everything they could possibly need – and are happy to buy most things they need. Our selection of luxurious gifts for modern gentlemen is sure to delight any gent with an eye for quality and style. Pair anything with socks, undies and chocs for a happy chap.

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