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Traditional Barber Shop… as seen on the BBC

Traditional barber shop being filmed by the BBC

Pall Mall Barbers and our traditional barber shop is the star of the show!
At Pall Mall Barbers we’re very proud of our traditional barber shop interior.  All wood paneling, lean over sinks and tiling. Not only is it a nod to the great history of barbering but we also see it as staying true to the integrity of a real barbers environment and reflecting our skills as professionals.
It seems many others think so too. And this is probably why our barbers shops in London are often featured as the backdrop in photo shoots, high profile interviews and filming sequences.  You may have seen us in some leading men’s publications like GQ and on some prime TV programmes, such as Heir Hunters on the BBC.
And it looks like our traditional barber shop in Fitzrovia will be on your screens again soon.  It will be featured as the setting for an interview that took place recently for a programme that will be seen on BBC sometime in the near future.
We’re always surprised at how much work goes into filming a sequence, no matter how short it will finally be.  The team who were setting it up were great and it was really interesting to see what was involved. And we like to think the real star of the show was our lovely London barber shop!
As soon as we know when it will be aired and on which BBC channel, we’ll let you know.

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