Pall Mall Barbers – Westminster

Pall Mall Barbers Westminster store is located right next to St James's Park tube station. Our experienced team of barbers near Victoria offer beard trimming and wet shaves, as well as classic and contemporary men's haircuts and styling.

Committed to providing friendly, sleek service, our barbers are a mix of uniquely talented stylists, trained in all aspects of modern barbering and able to answer most male grooming queries – providing the best haircuts in Victoria.

Pall Mall Barbers Westminster offers our own men's grooming product collections, shaving creams and brushes, double edge razors, haircare products, beard and moustache care and traditional wet shaving vouchers – perfect gifts for the busy gentleman about town.

Our barbers at Victoria is fantastically connected, right next to St James's Park station and a short walk from the nearby Westminster, Green Park, and Victoria tube stations.

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Nearest Tube Stations

  • St. James Park
  • Westminster
  • Victoria
  • Green Park
  • Waterloo

Nearest Rail Stations

  • London Victoria
  • Charing Cross
  • Waterloo

Services & Prices

PMB Services & Price List
Service Time / Duration Price
Haircut 30 mins £30
Including hair wash using PMB products and expert styling tips from your barber.
Re-style 45 mins £45
Re-styles & styles that take longer, wash & consultation and styling tips.
Clippers Back & Sides 15 mins £23
A quick tidy up. The traditional short back & sides service - nothing from the top.
Just Clippers 15 mins £17
A brisk and professional clippers-only cut, using one clipper grade all over.
Just Clippers with Wash 30 mins £21
A brisk and professional clippers-only cut, using one clipper grade all over, with a wash.
Head Shave 30 mins £30
Smooth and professional head shave, with hot towels and the new PMB shaving products.
Luxury Wet Shave 45 mins £45
Shaving experience with the use of hot towels and the new PMB shaving products.
The Shaving Lesson 60 mins £80
Learn how to shave from our master barbers, so you can shave like a professional.
Beard Styling    
Let us scissor, clipper and razor & style with PMB Beard oil and Moustache Wax.
One Grade All Over 15 mins £15
Trimming & Shaping 30 mins £30
Full Shaping & Shave 45 mins £45
Friction Massage 6-7 mins £5

Meet the Stylists

john smith
john smith
posted 2 months ago

I never usually get a fancy haircut... in fact I never did. However, after walking past Pall Mall in Westminster every day back and forth to work, I decided I'd just jolly well do it.

I was immediately greeted and tended to by some young and professional looking head gardeners. After being seated, my hair was washed, treated and cut to military precision. My edges were so sharp I could fight a samurai. My fade was so smooth I could go bowling with my head. I'd never felt so royal in my life.

And my god my entire life has changed. Upon exiting the barber, I noticed it was a little brighter, and women began to look and smile at me. Even a few blokes. As soon as I got back to work the entire office crowded around me. They wanted to hear about my weekend, my day, my life. Suddenly I was interesting. It was a miracle.

And it was all thanks to Pall Mall barbers!

Tony Loyd
Tony Loyd
posted 5 days ago

I visited Pall Mall Barbers while on holiday. Ryan did such an exceptional job if cutting my hair, my wife insists that when I return home, I should fire my barber and find a new one, one who can do as nice of a job as Ryan.

João Paulo Brito
João Paulo Brito
posted 3 days ago

My barber changed and from Dil I went to Kiri, but the quality remains great as ever! Pall Mall Barbers is the best place to get a very good haircut. Thank you once again, guys!

Phil Jacobs
Phil Jacobs
posted 1 month ago

I walk by the Westminster Pall Mall branch every day on my lunch break/after work but have never gone in as I always assumed i'd been in there for ages... I was mistaken! A young chap named Max cut my hair and the service provided was so efficient yet I still received the highest quality cut. I don't usually ever leave reviews, but I was so pleased with the quality of service and cut (and the whiskey!) that I just wanted to share my experience!!

Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael
posted 1 month ago

I had my first appointment here out of pure luck as I needed a haircut for an evening event I was going to be attending to straight from a work appointment. I was introduced to a gentleman called Kyri who provided an excellent service and a few laughs. I honestly can say that this was one of the best experiences I have had at a barber shop for a long time and I shall most certainly be returning.