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Barbers near Liverpool Street & Bishopsgate London

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Barbers Near Liverpool Street & Bishopsgate London
Bishopsgate is full of contradictions. As part of the square mile of land known in the capitol as “The City”, it is one of the oldest districts of London. This was where Roman merchants arrived in the first century AD to set up trading ports on the banks of the Thames. Yet despite its ancient history, this ward is also home to some of the sleekest, most futuristic skyscrapers in Europe. Forget Canary Wharf – this is where the giants of the financial world come to jostle for prime real estate on the skyline. The Leadenhall Building (or “The Cheesegrater” as it is sometimes known) stands proudly at 737 feet, but it just pipped to the post for the City’s tallest building title by nearby Heron Tower, whose enormous mast pushes it just over the top at 755 feet. As the sun rises each weekday, tens of thousands of workers pour in from Liverpool Street, Aldgate and Bank Stations, but come the weekend and the wee hours of the morning the streets are curiously quiet once more – the last census recorded only 222 full-time Bishopsgate residents. It’s strictly business behind these plate glass windows.
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The street names themselves whisper of their storied past – you can wander down Frying Pan Alley, Artillery Lane and Gun Street in the space of ten minutes, or take a stroll over to 30 St. Mary Axe (better known as The Gherkin). Just a five-minute walk from Liverpool Street Station will take you over to 123 Houndsditch – the home of Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate. Fittingly for an area so steeped in history, Pall Mall is one of the oldest barber shops still remaining in London, with its original Trafalgar Square site dating back over 120 years. The Pall Mall Toilet Saloon, as it was then known, was acquired by Richard Marshall in 2005, who restored each of its now four sites to evoke the feel of the traditional British barber shop era, from the red and white striped barber pole above the door, right down to the oak panelling and front-wash sinks.

Displayed proudly in the shop alongside smart looking tins of hair wax and sleek black bottles of shaving cream are two awards: the first for Best Male Grooming Salon of 2017 from Salon Business Awards and another for Best Men’s Product Range bestowed earlier this year by industry bible Hair Magazine. If you’re a regular reader of GQ, the Evening Standard or even the New York times, this will come as no surprise – with nearly 350 years of barbering experience between them, the team at Pall Mall Barbers are regularly called on for advice by journalists from broadsheets and glossy magazines alike.

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Pall Mall Barbers near spitalfields offers a wide range of services – from quick cuts if you’re just popping down on your lunch break to beard styling to luxury take-the-afternoon-off grooming experiences. If you have 45 minutes to spare, you can take advantage of their popular re-style service. It starts with a thorough consultation between you and your barber, combining their expert knowledge with your own ideas to ensure that you both have a clear image of the cut you’d like before they even pick up the scissors. If you have something special in mind, you’re encouraged to bring pictures along with you to help them understand exactly the style you’re after. After your hair is cut, styled and finished using the exclusive Pall Mall Barbers range, you’ll learn how to maintain your new style at home, with your barber explaining which product to use and how much you will need.
What really sets Pall Mall Barbers apart in the world of gentleman’s grooming and keeps them in every style editor’s little black book are their more traditional services, which hark back to a golden age of gentleman’s grooming. The 45-minute luxury wet shave is an experience that every man about town should try at least once. Each shave begins with an in-depth consultation and analysis of your current routine – your direction of hair growth, density of stubble, and skin sensitivity are all taken into account when getting you set for the most luxurious shaving experience in the Square Mile. Your face will be prepared with a hot towel treatment, and an application of the Pall Mall Barbers signature Sandalwood and Clove Pre-Shave Scrub, which is designed to soften hairs and prepare the skin for shaving. Finally, skin is prepared with a generous application of Pall Mall’s Shave Oil to create an extra barrier of protection.
Once you are fully prepped, the main event begins: a traditional badger hair brush applies two warm lathers of Pall Mall Barbers Shave Cream before your shave is completed by the steady hand and watchful eyes of one of the finest barbers in town.

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Following the shave, you’ll be treated to an application of Cooling Gel to reduce any redness or irritation and kick start the skin’s own healing process. To top it all off, your barber will apply Post Shave Balm (which you may have spotted on the GQ Grooming Awards shortlist) and an ice-cold towel to lock in moisture and tighten pores.
You can recreate the experience at home by investing in one of Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate dedicated one hour shaving lesson. For £80 one of its highly-trained barbers will take you through the foundations of a perfect shave, ensuring you understand how to get the best and closest possible shave, with advice on how to optimise your grooming routine to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. When you leave the shop, you’ll have a personal plan that includes pre and post shave techniques. It’s the perfect treat for any gentleman, and ideal for teenagers new to the art of shaving.

To help you maintain your look between appointments, Pall Mall Barbers have worked with some of the best hair stylists in the world to develop and adapt their original tried-and-tested product range to the demands of the modern lifestyle. The result is a solution for every possible need, from shaving to hair styling and beard maintenance. For an extra £49, you can take home a home shave system of Pre-Shave Scrub, Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm, or treat yourself to a bottle of their rich, spicy Sandalwood and Clove Cologne. You can even pick up a smart deerskin wash bag for the gym or a pair of hot-and-cold tap cufflinks to round off your new “man about town” look.

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If you have some time to kill before your appointment, there’s plenty in the surrounding streets to explore. Spitalfields Market is always worth a visit, even if you’re just browsing. The former silk-weaving centre is buzzing with traders seven days a week. Saturdays are fashion-focused, but you’ll find vintage fashion, music and art on offer no matter which day you stop by. All the usual suspects – Leon, EAT, Wagamama, Byron – are nearby if you’re hungry, or you could push the boat out with something more adventurous. Newcomer Rola Wala (literally “The Man That Rolls” in Hindi) is a former Indian street food stall turned permanent resident on Brushfield Street, just on the south side of the market pavillon.

After you step back onto the streets, relaxed and perfectly groomed, you can take your pick of the rooftop bars just minutes away from Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate’s doors. Take a right and you’ll find yourself craning your neck at the dizzying heights of Heron Tower. The express  lift to the 40th floor drops  you off at the curiously-named Duck and Waffle, which serves up small plates, cocktails and top-shelf spirits twenty-four hours a day. A bit further back down Bishopsgate sits Tower 42, the home to Vertigo 42 on the – you guessed it – 42nd floor. Be warned – it’s strictly reservation only, but this champagne bar in the sky boasts truly spectacular views across London, so it might be worth planning ahead.

If you’re a bit of a history buff, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to Dennis Severs house on Folgate Street, just north of the market. This is not merely a fine house with ornate furnishings, but a glimpse into the lives of 18th century Huguenot silk weavers. The tour is cleverly set up to give the illusion that you have just interrupted the so-called Jervis family as they go about their daily tasks. You’ll never see them, although sometimes you can hear their voices just out of sight. It’s an immersive experience of sight, smell and sound that invites you to use both the clues in each room and your imagination to piece together what you might have missed.

Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate is conveniently located, whether you work nearby or you’re making a special trip. It’s just a short walk away from Liverpool Street, Aldgate and Bank Stations, or Shoreditch High Street Overground.

You can view and book the full list of services available at Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate via their online booking system, or you can download the PMB app (available on iOS and Android).

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Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate Location

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