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Men Hairstylists – Hairstylists for Men


Men Hairstylists – Hairstylists for Men

It wasn’t so long ago that Kings Cross had a bit of an unwholesome reputation. You might have noticed it’s cleaned up its act in the last few years. Put it down to the arrival of the Eurostar and redevelopment of St. Pancras Station – it’s no longer just a destination for travellers, but for shopping, dining and drinking as well. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to pick up a tin of English Breakfast at Fortnum’s, pause for a glass of fizz and relax to the sound of a grand piano, all without leaving the concourse. How times have changed? We’re delighted to announce that the fifth branch of Pall Mall Barbers, men hairstylists is now open located at 68 York Way, just around the corner from Kings Cross Station and a stone’s throw from Regents Canal, men hairstylists.

Once the sides and back are polished off to perfection, it’s time to turn our attention to the hair at the top. For a genuinely epic Gatsby, the minimum is four inches. You can of course, try it with less, but you may find it lacking in true star power! Ideally, you should arrive with four to six inches of length, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve just emerged from quarantine or recently done time for smuggling bootlegged whiskey. Get yourself booked in with a Pall Mall Barber at one of our six London barbershops. Pick a time that suits you, and book online here.


Men Hairstylists near Camden Town

There was a time when goths, indie kids, ravers and tourists all happily rubbed shoulders in the pubs and clubs of Camden Town. Those of a certain age might have caught a show by a little-known band by the name of Blur, or had a pint pulled by Amy Winehouse at the Dublin Castle on Parkway. It’s had a makeover since, but you can still relive your misspent youth at a 90’s pop night in the Electric Ballroom, or catch a new act at the Dublin Castle.

The famous Camden Market’s had a facelift as well, but it’s still a reliable place to pick through racks of vintage pieces at What Goes Around or hunt out vinyl classics at Disc Disciples. The famous street food market in Camden Lock caters for just about every taste possible, but vegans will be especially delighted by specialist stalls serving up vegan-friendly falafel, Mexican wraps, cookies and burgers. Nearby beneath the railway arches, the Camden Town Brewery has been serving thirsty Londoners since 2010. Tours take place at the weekends, or you can just get straight to the point and rock up at the on-site brewery bar. Hop on the Northern Line at Camden Town and it’s just two stops to get to our Kings Cross barbershop. You’ll find our expertly trained barbers at 68 York Way, just around the corner from the station. You can book here, Alternatively, call us on 07923177081. Skin Fade With Haircut | Pall Mall Barbers | best Barbers London

Men Hairstylists Near Islington

We should probably be a bit more specific. The London Borough of Islington stretches from the Barbican in the south all the way up to Archway via Holloway and Crouch End. For our purposes, let’s talk about Islington, Highbury &. The junction at outside the tube station is where Upper Street turns into Holloway Road and scarves turn red and white when Arsenal play at home. There are plenty of reasons to hang around even if you’re not headed to Emirates Stadium. For starters, there’s the Garage, one of the best indie and rock venues in London. You could catch an established act – say, Green Day or Franz Ferdinand – in the main venue, but upstairs you’re more likely to find a secret last-minute gig from a visiting mega-star. Harry Styles comes to mind, as we discovered one Saturday morning when we fought our way to Tesco through a crowd of screaming teenage girls. If you’re coming from Highbury and Islington station, it’s a fifteen-minute journey on the Victoria Line to get to our brand-new barbershop on York Way, just outside of Kings Cross Station. You can book an appointment with one of our barbers on our website. Alternatively, call us on 07923177081.

Men Hairstylists  Near Angel

Fun fact: the escalators to the Angel ticket halls are 200 feet long, making them the longest on the Underground. A Norwegian chap put them to unusual use in 2007 when he attempted to ski down to the platform. British Transport Police were unamused. You can, however, entertain yourself in the area without creating a rush-hour nuisance. Take a hard left out of the station and follow St. John Street down to Rosebery Avenue. Sadler’s Wells, the premiere London theatre for contemporary dance awaits. If your only experience of dance is dressing up to see the Nutcracker, you can relax. The atmosphere in the auditorium is less formal than you might expect and you won’t get dirty looks if you need to finish your interval drink at your seat. Pre-show, you could stop at The Gate on your walk to the theatre, where the kitchen has been cooking up delicious vegetarian food for twenty-five years. You don’t have to be a veggie to eat well here, but those who are will be pleased to find something more exciting than the standard issue goats cheese parcel option. Hop on the 73 bus outside of Angel Station and it’s a fifteen-minute ride to our Kings Cross barbershop. We’re just around the corner at 68 York Way, under the red and white striped barber pole. Book here,call us on 07923177081. Pall Mall Barbers Men Products | Best Men Grooming Products | shaving Products | Cologne

Men Hairstylists Near Clerkenwell

Pity the poor American tourists who approached us one evening near Blackfriars one rainy Saturday night, searching the City in vain for an open restaurant. They’d have fared much better in Clerkenwell, ten minutes up Farringdon Road, men hairstylists. Perhaps it’s the proximity to Smithfield Market that makes it such rich pickings for hungry souls. Whatever the reason, you could do worse than end up on St. John Street at the weekend. The rather obviously named St. John restaurant is a champion of “nose-to-tail” eating – in practice, that means doing delicious things with forgotten cuts of meat.

The daily menu goes up on the website before you’re out of bed, but one thing never changes – their signature dish of bone marrow and parsley salad on toast. Oh, and the Eccles cakes are really something as well. Vinoteca down the road is a bit more relaxed, but no less fanatical about what goes on the plate. Eating is optional, though – the main draw is the wine list. You can buy any of the 200 bottles to take away, or linger and try something new. 125ml glasses take the sting out of the bill if you fancy trying something a bit out of your price range. Our new barbershop is easy to get to from Farringdon Station. Just fifteen minutes on the Metropolitan Line will take you to Kings Cross Station, for the best men’s hairstylists where you’ll find the best barbers in London at 68 York Way. You can book hereAlternatively, call us on 07923177081.  

Men Hairstylists Near Hampstead

If Hampstead was a person, you might say it’s done alright for itself – the Village contains some of the most expensive properties in London and more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK. Nice work if you can get it. The rest of us can content ourselves with a visit to the stunning Great Room of Kenwood House, a neo-classical villa with a rather impressive collection of Rembrandts and Turners on the walls. You’ll need to traipse across Hampstead Heath to get there, but it shouldn’t be too much of a chore if you stop to take in the view of the skyline atop Parliament Hill. Bring a swimming costume if you’re brave. The ponds are open year-round, but the water is bracing no matter the season. To get to the newest branch of Pall Mall Barbers, jump on the Northern Line from Hampstead to Kings Cross and take the Pentonville Road exit. We’re just a five-minute stroll away at 68 York Way. You can book here, call us on 07923177081.

Men Hairstylists Near West Hampstead

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at ceramics, drawing or abstract painting, check out the evening course listing at the Camden Arts Centre. Most will set you back around £250 for ten weeks, but it’s always free to check out the exhibitions of emerging international artists in the galleries. The name is somewhat misleading, actually – it’s on Arkwright Road, just between West Hampstead and Finchley Road tube stations. Should you be struck by a contemplative mood, you may wish to visit the Freud Museum on Maresfield Gardens, where the famed psychoanalyst spent the last years of his life after fleeing Nazi-occupied Vienna. It’s probably a bit of a specialist attraction, but an interesting diversion for anyone with a passing interest in the workings of the mind. Walk to Finchley Road and take the Metropolitan Line four stops to Kings Cross to get to our newest barbershop on York Way,men hairstylists. You can book an appointment with one of our expert barbers here. Pall Mall Barbers Paddington | Beard Trims | Hair Cuts | Best Barbers London | barbers near me, barber, barbers, beard barber,  barber shop, best barber, best barbers, barbers London -

Men Hairstylists Near Kentish Town

Former indie kids might well have spent a few nights in the noisy back rooms of Kentish Town pubs. Dozens of now-famous bands got their start on the tiny stage at the Bull and Gate on Kentish Town Road, and its neighbour The Tallyho. Both are long gone, though the Bull and Gate name lives on as a Young’s gastropub. Still, the bands play on in the area once known for its expert piano and organ manufacturers. Catch them at the Forum on Highgate Road alongside a line-up of comedy and club nights. Before the show, get into the spirit at nearby gin palace Ladies and Gentlemen. When they promise local ingredients, they really do mean it. Fruit is sourced from nearby Hampstead Heath and honey from Kentish Town bees, but it also boasts a 16-litre copper still for producing its own-label Highwayman Gin. The easiest way to get from Kentish Town to our Kings Cross barbershop, men’s hairstylists is via the Northern Line. We’re just a five-minute walk from Kings Cross Station, at 68 York Way. Book an appointment here.  

Men Hairstylists Near Upper Street

Upper Street has been the main thoroughfare of Islington since the 12th century. It’s led quite a few lives in the ensuing millennium – royal duck-hunting ground, agricultural centre, red-light district, stomping ground for the radical left. Today it’s mostly known for its upscale shops and restaurants, though there are still traces of its maverick past. What was once a Salvation Army chapel on Almeida Street became the Almeida Theatre in 1980. Along with the Menier Chocolate Factory and the Donmar, the Almeida is considered one of the leading lights on London’s fringe theatre scene. The Olivier Awards crowding the trophy cabinet will attest to its reputation for ground-breaking productions. A five-minute walk down Cross Street gets you to Flashback Records and its knowledgeable staff. The relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere makes it the perfect spot if you’re just getting in to vinyl, but aren’t sure where to start. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered, there was once a Lower Street. It’s better known these days as Essex Road. There are quite a few buses that will take you from Upper Street to Kings Cross, but it’s probably quickest to get the Northern Line from Angel. It’s just one stop to our newest barbershop on York Way, right before you get to Regents Canal. It’s easy to book an appointment with any one of our barbers. Alternatively, call us on 07923177081.

Where is Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross?

68 York Way, King’s Cross, London, N1 9AG.

Men hairstylists – You’ll find Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross located just behind King’s Cross train and tube station on York Way. At the place where Harry Potter entered Platform 9 and ¾, you can now have your own magical experience in King’s Cross and meet the wizards who carry blades and clippers instead of wands and brooms.

barbers king's cross
Outside Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross on York Way

We’d like to think of ourselves as the best barbers in King’s Cross because our reputation and results speak for themselves – our team of expertly trained and well-experienced London barbers are on hand to serve you with the snips and shaves you desire, barber near me.

Not sure what you want? Why not pop in a have a chat with one of our master London barbers and see what style best suits you! 

Great British Barbering since 1896

When you think of men’s grooming service, none can do it better than us. Based in London, Pall Mall Barbers boasts of a long tradition of hairstyling and grooming, men’s hairstylists that is more than a century old. Present since 1896, we have been making men look good incorporating all the relevant trends of the time. Over the years, we have evolved and adapted ourselves to stay ahead of the rest and offer the best service you can find.

Pall Mall Barbers, King Cross opens its doors for you to enter into not just a barbershop but also a historical institution that’s been part and parcel of the city’s changing cultural and social landscape. Our service is a unique blend of the traditional so you sport an eye-catching look and make a great impression. Our team of barbers are the best professionals in this business highly trained in every single aspect of modern hairdressing. They adopt a customer-friendly attitude and would be more than happy to respond to any queries which you may have. Getting a perfect haircut or a fine shave in London has never been easier,men hairstylists.

1 – Experience and Expertise

Our haircutting heritage stretches back to 1896. We’ve grown from 1 single store to multiple across the capital, one up north and even sparkling ambassadors. The expansion has come from expertise and experience creating massive loyalty in London among gentlemen who want barbers they can trust and a barbershop they feel comfortable in. It sounds simple but it’s taken a lot of effort and time to create the brand we have today.

barbers in king's cross

2 – Do your Men Hairstylists in King’s Cross go the extra mile?

When you walk in are you greeted like a member of the family? When you are sat in the hot seat, are you consulted before the cutting commences? We believe strongly that a barber ought to be the architect and artist. This means they will offer advice, suggestions, and tips about your ideal look according to your face shape and size. They will help you maintain your desired appearance and recommend particular products to keep you looking your sharpest even when you can’t make it into our men’s hairstylists in King’s Cross. This is one key element that separates Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross from the rest,men’s hairstylists.

barbers in king's cross

3 – Technique and Skill

Whether it’s beard trimming and shaving or a new hairstyle you’re after – put your head in hands you can trust here at Pall Mall Barbers in King’s Cross. We’re masters of classic wet shaves and traditional treatments while being industry leaders when it comes to the latest styles. We’ve blended vintage with modern and mixed in our personality to give our experience that essential human touch. There are many King’s Cross barber shops but none of them will make you feel as welcome as we do without overstepping the mark into annoyance.

Where is Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross?

Visit us at 68 York Way, King’s Cross, London, N1 9AG.

Book online or call us on 020 7112 2372.

The Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross Story

We’ve become one of the best barbers King’s Cross has to offer. Our barbers in King’s Cross is one of many in our London collection. We’ve grown thanks to the loyalty of the gentlemen who frequent our locations and our King’s Cross barbers is no exception. Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross has achieved an amazing 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Google after receiving nearly 250 reviews. One of the recent ones reads:

“Great place, really friendly staff and the best barbers in King’s Cross”

Why take anybody’s word for it? It’s well worth the visit. So, if you’re searching for men’s hairstylists you might be confused as to which store to go for. Pick Pall Mall Barbers Kings Cross and we guarantee you’ll be coming to our locations for life.

 Best Barbershop Kings Cross

A Man Walks Into a Barbershop…

There’s no punchline but there is something funny about the barbers King’s Cross, men’s hairstylists near me has in its vicinity, and the way you feel when you enter them. If you’ve ever searched for ‘men hairstylists’, you’ll be familiar with the results and they may all appear somewhat similar despite their attempts to stand out. Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross was established in order to put to rest the question ‘which is the best barber King’s Cross has to offer?’ and to stop gentlemen like you from ever having to search ‘men’s haircuts King’s Cross or ‘ men’s hairstylists near me’. When you do that, you’ve got the strenuous task of trying to understand which King’s Cross barber shop men hairstylists is best for you. Then you make your way to the place, nervous about the quality, anxious about the outcome and what should be a treat has become troublesome. Once the sides and back are polished off to perfection, it’s time to turn our attention to the hair at the top. For a genuinely epic Gatsby, the minimum is four inches. You can of course, try it with less, but you may find it lacking in true star power! Ideally, you should arrive with four to six inches of length, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve just emerged from quarantine or recently done time for smuggling bootlegged whiskey. Get yourself booked in with a Pall Mall Barber at one of our six London barbershops. Pick a time that suits you, book online here.



Kings Cross

68 York Way
Kings Cross,
London N1 9AG
Phone: +44 (0)207 112 2372


Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross takes the hard work out of haircuts by giving you a trusted, established, excellence-guaranteed grooming choice. Our heritage in the hair business stretches back to 1896 which means there have been gentlemen in London getting their hair cut at our premises for over 120 years! We’ve grown to multiple stores, including one that’s overseas. Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross, Best Barbershop Kings Cross is one of our most popular because the in-store experience is so supremely superior to other King’s Cross barbers, Best Hairstylists for Men Kings Cross . We’re doing great things and we want to do great things for you; whether it’s beards and shaving or haircuts and hairstyles, we’re the place you need to be.

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