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The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Hair the Right Way – Barbers South Kensington, Barbers Kensington

The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Hair the Right Way

Your hair is your greatest accessory. It can easily draw attention even in a large crowd. So, as leading South Kensington barbers, we always educate our clients on the importance of having good hair care and hairstyling routines. Using good products on your hair regularly can prevent damage and help you maintain healthy and good-looking hair. The good news is, it’s not difficult to follow a good haircare routine once you adopt it as a habit. It consists of a few easy steps that wouldn’t take a lot of time.

However, in the beginning, you would have to visit your best South Kensington barbers, have a great haircut, and learn how to keep it in good shape. Thereafter, all you have to do is maintain it properly. In this article, we are going to walk you through 4 basic steps of any hair care and styling routine, along with some great product recommendations from Pall Mall Barbers Westminster!

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Tea Tree-infused Shampoo for Men by Pall Mall Barbers

Tea tree shampoo is another ingredient that has remained in the good books of South Kensington barbers for a long time. It is also widely used in skin and hair care products primarily due to its quick-healing properties. Our tea tree shampoo contains the rich essence of organic tea tree and eucalyptus oil that are best known for treating itchy scalp. But, our shampoo by Pall Mall Barbers South Kensington is famed for offering many more benefits to improve your hair’s health in and out.

According to reputed by South Kensington barbers, its invigorating ingredients help in combatting dandruff and scaly scalp while preventing excess oil production at the same time. Tea tree essence together with eucalyptus will also strengthen your hair follicles, minimize hair loss, and provide you with well-nourished hair. This is why it’s endorsed by many South Kensington barbers. So, regular usage of Tea Tree Shampoo by Pall Mall Barbers Westminster will improve the overall shine and lush appeal of your hair while soothing your irritated scalp.

2. Conditioner

The next product would be to use a conditioner, for the purpose of – conditioning as the name implies! It will lock in the moisture and help your hair look hydrated. Remember that you are making your hair prone to dryness if you use only shampoo. Take the advice from the best South Kensington barbers! The conditioner will form a protective layer around your hair strands, ensuring your locks stay healthy. Conditioner is crucial for those with longer hair as it’s more vulnerable to thinning, breakage, split ends and drying. This is another pro-tip by South Kensington barbers. A conditioner should be a part of your regular hair care routine for many other purposes. It will also eliminate frizz, soften your hair, and prep it for styling.

The refreshing and revitalizing contents of good conditioners by South Kensington barbers make your hair flexible, soft, and easy to manage. Also, unlike shampoos, the conditioner can be used more often. Your hair needs the optimum hydration, and if your hair has high porosity, it can do well with daily conditioning. The tip from South Kensington barbers here is to use a wash-out conditioner to use along with the shampoo and leave-in conditioner for other days.

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Argon Conditioner for Men by Pall Mall Barbers

Our Argon Conditioner for Men by Pall Mall Barbers Westminster is designed to complement the argon-based shampoo and will leave your hair soft, protected, and well-nourished. It will also add an attractive lustre to your locks, making your hair attractive even when you don’t have any styling product on, South Kensington Barbers, Barbers Kensington.

Tea Tree Shampoo for Men by Pall Mall Barbers South Kensington

If you choose our tea tree-infused shampoo, don’t forget to purchase our Tea Tree Shampoo for Men by Pall Mall Barbers South Kensington. The powerful conditioner will treat the roots of your hair and lock moisture while adding a soft touch to your hair! Both these conditioners by South Kensington barbers will eliminate frizzy hair, deeply moisturize hair, and provide long-lasting protection from external environmental factors like heat and humidity!

3. Pre-styling Product

A pre-styling product is not mandatory, but there are a lot of benefits you can get from using one. This is why it’s a go-to product for many leading barbers Westminster, Barbers South Kensington, Barbers Kensington. Many men use a pre-styling product, as it provides an added degree of flexibility that makes hair easy to manage and style. Think of it as the base or foundation for all other hairstyling products.

According to reputed South Kensington barbers, if you are tackling wispy, thin, or dull-looking hair, a pre-styler can give a volume boost, making your hair look thicker and fuller. If you deal with curly hair that’s difficult to manage, a pre-styling can smoothen your locks, making it easy to apply creams on them. It will also improve the hair texture by providing a matte-like feel.

It’s important that your pre-styling product by South Kensington barbers is light in texture, so it doesn’t weigh down your hair. It should also retain the natural look of your hair while enhancing its definition. It’s best to apply them on damp hair, although there’s no hard and fast rule about that. That being said, most of the pre-style products aren’t recommended to be used every day. Your South Kensington barbers will educate you on all about it.

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Sea Salt Spray by Pall Mall Barbers

As the best South Kensington barbers, we highly recommend using a sea salt spray as a pre-styler in your hairstyling routine. Pall Mall Barbers’ Sea Salt Spray is one of our signature products that can be used as a pre-styler as well as the main styling product. According to leading South Kensington barbers, it is perfect for thin hair, as a few spritzes can enhance the volume and definition to a great extent. It will provide a great bounce and crunchy texture for your hair, and the best South Kensington barbers, Barbers South Kensington, Barbers Kensington recommend the spray for men who want to achieve the glorious beach hair look!

The best feature about the Sea Salt Spray by the best South Kensington barbers is its non-sticky texture. It doesn’t leave a residue and will absorb into the hair right away! All you have to do is spray into damp or dry hair, holding the bottle a few inches away from the hair. Then, let it dry before applying the desired men’s hairstyling product.

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