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6 acne myths dispelled

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Many people suffer from acne at some point in their lives, with an increasing number of men suffering from ‘adult acne’. We’ve researched 6 typical acne myths to dispel them and pass on effective advice.
Acne Myths 1 “Acne is the result of an unhealthy diet”
Although there is some evidence that a high dairy intake diet can help exacerbate acne, it is cause by an excess of male hormones rather than a poor diet.
Acne Myths 2 “Acne is cause by poor skin hygiene”
If you’ve known anyone who has ever suffered from severe acne, you will likely be aware of how meticulous their skin care routine is day and night in a desperate bid to rid their skin of producing more outbreaks.
Acne Myths 3 “The sun helps clear up your acne”
Having to apply sunscreen can actually aggravate your skin and worsen an acne outbreak. However, blue light has been proven effective at treating symptoms by dermatologists.
Acne Myths 4 “Face cream makes your skin worse”
Your skin needs hydration, so the best response to this myth is by simply asking for support in selecting the correct moisturiser for your skin type. Not replenishing moisture causes the skin to produce more sebum in response, which exacerbates the problem.
Acne Myths 5 “Blackheads are caused by dirt and not cleaning the skin”
Blackheads are in fact caused by blocked pores. The blackheads that can be seen on the skin are actually just the effect of trapped dead skin and oxidized sebum
Acne Myths 6 “Applying toothpaste to the face helps prevent acne”
While we have to appreciate that someone ever came up with this one, the best products for clearing acne are in fact Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid. Toothpaste can actually cause skin irritation and a burning effect.
Although there is, frustratingly, no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to eradicating acne, the best treatments include appropriate skincare regime products and steaming the face once a week to help keep pores clean and reduce the swelling of current outbreaks – avoid falling prey to any of the acne myths as these can cause further damage to the skin and actually exacerbate the problem.
Use a gentle moisture replenishing scrub, such as our Pre-Shave Scrub, and be sure to provide suitable, lightweight hydration to the skin.

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