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The gentleman’s guide to grooming

gentleman's guide to grooming

Male grooming is experiencing a huge boom, with modern men taking care of themselves more than ever before, so we have put together the gentleman’s guide to grooming.
gentleman's guide to grooming
In addition to the below, it’s important to always iron your clothes. The wrinkled ‘pulled off the floor’ look has never done any favours for anyone, especially a gentleman who wishes to be taken seriously and earn the respect of his fellow peers.

Trim trim trim

Get regular trims at the barbers’ every 4-6 weeks. Book in whilst you’re at your previous appointment to ensure you keep your hair cut fresh, and your hair healthy.

Look after your face

Wash your face twice a day followed by a skin-type appropriate moisturiser or balm and exfoliate at least once a week to remove dirt and unclog pores.

Shave frequently

More than one day of stubble is not acceptable, unless you’re growing a beard. Designer stubble is out.

Scent yourself

Find, and use, a signature scent every day. No one wants to be (or be near) the guy who looks unkempt and doesn’t smell fresh on the commute to or from work!

Invest in your teeth

Electric vibrating toothbrushes take better care of your teeth. Use a gentle whitening toothpaste, floss daily and use mouthwash to keep your teeth white and clean.

Care for your shoes

Clean shoes that aren’t falling apart are always a must. Invest in polish and a brush, and set time aside every Sunday night.

Take care of your hands

Highly important for a comfortable handshake – use a moisturising hand cream daily to achieve soft and scented hands, and remember to regularly trim and file your nails.

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