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Styling a shirt and tie: A gentleman’s guide

Men’s fashion and beauty have become the hottest trends of 2016, so we’ve compiled a gentleman’s guide to correctly styling a shirt and tie.

Patterned ties & shirts (can it work?)

styling a shirt and tie
There is nothing unsightlier than a tie which clashes with a shirt, but you can, in fact, mix and match patterns, once you know how to…
In order to mix patterns, it’s best to choose either a dominant shirt or tie pattern. For example, a dominant big striped shirt looks great with a smaller polka dot pattern on the tie. This rule can be reversed, using a dominant pattern on the tie, and a subtler pattern on the shirt.

In order to combine stripe shirts with stripe ties, simply ensure one is a more dominant stripe pattern, for example, a horizontal striped shirt with a vertical striped tie.

Light & dark

styling a shirt and tie
A light coloured shirt works perfectly with a darker tie. This combination is considered practically fool-proof in terms of making a fashion faux pas.
A light pink shirt, for instance, will work flawlessly wit a navy blue tie.

Pattern shirts and a block tie

styling a shirt and tie
A check shirt is an eye-catching centerpiece, so to speak, beautifully offset by a block colour tie. You can always look at a colour wheel for inspiration, but a common colour combination is a purple shirt with a dark purple tie, or a blue check shirt against a dark brown tie.
For more hints on styling a shirt and tie or other hints, check out our guest blogs from Alexandra Wood.

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