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Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard Shaping London

Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard Shaping London The 1970s were the Golden Age of Rock Moustaches. From country singers to avant-garde rockers, practically every notable musician sported serious lip fuzz in our hairiest decade to date. Hard-rock as a genre is well-represented in facial hair history,  none have worn it more badass than Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and that’s why finally it’s been named in his honor. Rare is the moustache that is equal parts lip cover, beard and sideburns, but he’s deftly pulled it off for three decades or so. You may not have Kilmister’s trademark raspy voice, but you can look like a heavy metal god with his signature style.

One of the things that rock moustaches teach us is the value of dedication and consistency in the masculine identity. This is quite the opposite of the “ironic moustache” that is so discussed today in relation to hipster culture. These men wore their facial hair with manly pride, not a sly wink. Moustache Wax. What exactly is it, do I need it and how do I use it? These are the questions we frequently get asked by our hairier-faced customers. Well, to start with, moustache wax is a stiff pomade usually made from beeswax, oil and fragrance. At Pall Mall Barbers we’ve developed our own moustache wax using essential oils and fragranced with sandalwood and clove. It comes in a solid format, so taking a little bit on the tip of your fingernail and warming it between your fingers will soften the wax turning it a bit tacky which can easily be applied to the hairs on your face.

The key here is really to only use a very small amount. Too much and your moustache will look heavy and the wax may clump onto the hairs. Using a moustache wax will help style your moustache, helping the hairs lie flat in the direction you want them to and ensuring they stay in place. Whether you prefer a more natural look to your facial hair or you want to shape it into a real style statement, we recommend that you buy and learn how to use moustache wax properly. You can also ask any of our barbers for their advice too next time you’re in any of our central London barber shops. Book an appointment online or call in next time you’re passing, We’ve got three barbershops – Trafalgar Square, Fitzrovia and Westminster and near Liverpool Street. Movember rules are that you can not have your moustache attached to your muttonchops because it then becomes a beard.Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard Shaping London Moustache Wax, Movember London, Barber London.


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Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia Address: 45 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6EB Pall Mall Barbers Fitzrovia is between Warren Street and Great Portland Street tube stations, and a short walk from Euston. At the north end of Tottenham Court Road, our Fitzrovia barbers are a leisurely stroll from nearby Regent’s Park.

We’ve got a right to claim our title of being the best, most established hairdressers in the capital because our first shop opened way back in 1896. Since then, we’ve grown to several locations (even one across the pond!) including our London barber shop. Our modern service is exceptional, extremely highly rated and regularly wins awards.

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What we care about most is the smile on our customers’ faces when they’re with us. If you want a hairdresser who can make you happy, make your way to our London barber Shop. We’re located at 45 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6EB.

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