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Movember – Moustache Tips.

Movember Mousache Tips
Cleaning: To keep your Moustache looking clean and healthy use a fine tooth comb to thoroughly comb out and using a small amount of beard oil will leave your Mo with a healthy shine.
Shaping: Using small scissors or clippers trim along the bottom of the Moustache following the natural line of your upper lip as a guide. This will give your Moustache a natural fullness.
Styling: To style your Mo whether it be a handlebar or a more natural style, take a small amount of Moustache wax and rub between the thumb and index finger to warm the wax & make it pliable enough for application. Work the wax starting from the middle of the Moustache (under the nose) right out to the tips.
Stubble: Getting your stubble to a full Moustache takes time and patience, Grow the whole beard out and when it is at a suitable length shave your face just leaving the upper lip hairy.
Growth: Growing a Mo and getting past the itchy stage is usually make or break time for most Mens Mousatche’s. To prevent the itch use an oil or moisturiser, rub into the Moustache and use a small amount of force to get a good coverage on the skin beneath. Use a Mo comb to relieve small itches, this will not only calm the itch it will also start to train your Mo to grow in a clean and tidy direction.

Maintenance: One good tip to maintain the look of your Moustache is to keep the rest of the face clean shaven, this leaves your Moustache the main focus of your face. Using Beard oil and Moustache wax will lessen the need to maintain your Moustache . You can either allow your Mo to grow out and style it using Moustache wax to style away any stray hairs or if you are opting for a shorter style keep the Moustache the appropriate length by trimming with scissors every two weeks (or as and when you get stray Mo hairs!)

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