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Richard Marshall – Featured in Subkit Go Solo

Richard Marshall – Featured in Subkit Go Solo

Last Month, Richard Marshall – CEO of Pall Mall Barbers was interviewed and featured on Subkit Go Solo Entrepreneur Stories. Subkit Go Solo is a website blog that helps regular everyday people go solo and achieve work independence on their own terms. They do interview series where they celebrate small business entrepreneurs and founders.

“In the journey of an entrepreneur, the most important thing is self-belief and the ability to convert that belief into reality”.-Mukesh Ambani. Hi, my name is Richard, I am a results-driven, high-performance Entrepreneur with a restless, inquisitive mind; a natural drive, and a demonstrated ability to inspire teams. For more than 14 years, I have been the proud owner of Pall Mall Barbers; a barbershop with a long history of success providing hairdressing and grooming to gentlemen.” – Richard Marshall [Pall Mall Barbers CEO]

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Subkit Go Solo Interview Richard Marshall

It’s always difficult to start a business, especially when you’re unsure of what will work. But with the right plan and some patience entrepreneurs can find success in personal care! Subkit Go Solo sat down for an interview with Pall Mall Barbers CEO – Richard Marshall and discussed his journey as well as tips on how others could follow. Subkit Go Solo Interview Richard Marshall

What’s your business, and who are your customers?

Pall Mall Barbers is a premium men’s barbershop based in London and New York City. It dates back 126 years ago, from 1896. We operate in the high-end parts of London in Pall Mall, right next to Buckingham Palace, near the House of Commons and Whitehall. Our clients range from corporate businesses, executives, politicians, and celebrities. Mainly people of influence from top corporations in and around London and New York City. They really trust and have the utmost confidence in Pall Mall Barbers, giving us the responsibility to make and keep them all looking sharp. Subkit Go Solo Interview Richard Marshall

Tell us about yourself

I’m Richard Marshall, and I’m an entrepreneur. I started barbering when I was 12 years old. Sweeping the floors and making tea. What motivated me when I took over my business 17 years ago, just off Pall Mall, was when I found a business card dating back to 1896. I realized I had just bought one of the oldest barbershops in London, if not the world. My vision was to take products and services worldwide and make them a successful global businesses. Over the last 17 years, that’s been my quest, and every day I feel like I want to take one step closer to that goal. That’s what motivates me, and it’s my ‘why’ each and every day.

What’s your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

So far, taking the brand across the Atlantic to New York City when we opened up a store on Fifth Avenue (in the city’s famous cultural landmark Rockefeller Centre next to NBC Today). I feel that was one of the biggest things I’ve achieved to date. It was truly amazing! Secondly, I think one of my more personal achievements was when Prince William visited our store to do a project on men’s mental health with us. I hosted the event with Royal security and the Royal team. I spent some time with Prince William, and we were discussing his childhood, and he shared stories about his own mental health growing up. We also talked about what we were doing as a barbering brand to help that within our community.

What’s one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

The hardest thing as a business owner is the human aspect of business, which is the most challenging. When you lead teams, and you build them up to a substantial amount, getting that right is one of the biggest challenges, and I think we do that pretty well.

What are the top tips you’d give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

To have a dream and then to dream bigger. A lot of people dream big, and a lot of people think big; I’m one for it. My top tip is to take that dream and work backwards on how you’re going to achieve it. My advice is that you have to work small each day, and you have to be consistent. I believe we’re running a marathon, not a sprint, and that takes endurance and that takes action each day. One of the things I do is write six things I want to action each day and execute them.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

If you want to check us out, go to pallmallbarbers.com. We’ve got six stores in London’s most iconic locations and one in New York City. We’re currently working together with a few partners, and we’re looking to expand that in the coming years. We’re also looking to get our products widely distributed, so look out for these as they are amazing, and the next launch will be even more outstanding. So keep an eye out for us because we’re on the move.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Pall Mall Barbers and the story of how Richard Marshall built his business, be sure to check out the interview on Subkit Go Solo. It’s a great read and provides some valuable insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. And if you’re feeling motivated after reading all these great success stories, be sure to visit our website for tips on how to start your own business.

One of Pall Mall Barbers Highlights Story

Founder of Pall Mall Barbers, Richard Marshall welcomes Prince William

A Royal Visit at Pall Mall Barbers

Prince William arrived at the barbershop with our Founder & CEO Richard Marshall, battling the crowds of Royal fans who had gathered outside to witness the Prince in person. He spent time speaking with our barbers talking about the importance of addressing mental health issues.

We gifted him with some of our award-winning products, and whilst he was in the barbershop he joked that he didn’t really need too much help in the way of haircuts anymore.

Richard Marshall later said the occasion was ‘an incredibly special one which gave him a great sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

In the News

The work that Prince William and his family are doing to draw attention to mental health has been incredibly valuable, and the conversations are generating plenty of press coverage.

The visit attracted global media attention with Richard Marshall being interviewed on ITV News London whilst General Manager spoke live on Sky News. The Royal household covered the visit, with tweets and articles from Kensington Palace and the Royal Family as well as the Heads Together initiative. Additionally, the Daily Mail, Channel 5, Hello, People, and the Daily Express all reported on this momentous occasion. The news even travelled as far as Australia and Canada!

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