Luxury Wet Shave + Home Shave System package

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To recreate the shave experience at home, you will be offered the Home Shave System of Pre-Shave Scrub, Shave Cream and Post-Shave Balm at the combined price of £49 – a saving of £11 when buying the products separately.

Before your shave starts, your barber will provide an in-depth consultation and analysis – understanding your current shaving regime, whilst examining the direction of hair growth, density of stubble, and skin sensitivity. Once discussed and clarified, your luxurious shave experience will begin.

Pre-Shave: Your face will be prepared with a hot towel treatment, and application of the Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood and Clove Pre-Shave Scrub. Our scrub is designed to soften hairs and prepare your skin for shaving. Your skin will then be prepared with a generous application of Shave Oil to create an extra barrier for protecting the skin.

Shave: Two warm lathers of the Pall Mall Barbers Shave Cream are applied with a high-quality badger brush. Your shave is completed by the steady hand and watchful eyes of one of London’s finest barbers. Our shave cream was designed by our very own London barbers to act as a protective barrier of hydration between the blade and the face.

Post-Shave: Following the shave, your barber will apply our Cooling Gel to reduce redness and irritation and start healing the skin. To complete the luxury shave experience, your barber will apply our Post Shave Balm. With its antiseptic properties, our post-shave balm helps to cool the skin after shaving, reducing redness and irritation and leaving your skin soft and supple. This is followed by an ice-cold towel to lock in moisture and tighten the pores.

Our award-winning luxury products and services attract gentlemen from all walks of life into our barbershop every day and leave them happy and confident knowing they have received the best haircut in town.

Look & Feel Great Every Day! Supporting Men to Achieve their Ambitions in Life!

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