Men’s razors come in all shapes and sizes – a bit like men really.

But what’s the “best” one? Well, that really depends on you and how you like to shave.

Take the electric razor. As men’s razors go, it’s not one we’d recommend.  Yes, we know they make shaving easier and quicker – you don’t need any of the usual shaving gear like shaving cream, gels or even water and you can use them anywhere (even on the London tube – believe us, we’ve seen it!) But they won’t give you a great shave. With this particular type of men’s razor, you won’t get a very close or smooth shave even if it means your daily shave is less hassle for you in the morning.

Moving onto cartridge men’s razors. These are the Gillette Mach 3 type of blades. Cartridge men’s razors were developed to encourage men to make repeat purchases – Mr Gillette recognised that a blade that stayed sharp for a very long time wouldn’t make him much money, so he developed a more disposable one. And anyone who uses these types of men’s razors will know how much money that probably do make the manufacturers – these things are not cheap! But they’re easily available with every corner shop seeming to stock them and they’re very portable, even if they do cost a fortune!  And regardless of what the marketing hype tells you, the more blades there are does not mean the closer the shave. What it does mean though is probably more chance of skin irritation and surface cuts.

So, moving onto the men’s razors that we do recommend. It’s the safety razor… and we’re not just saying it because we sell them.  We use them, day in, day out.  Why?  Because they really do give the best, closest, smoothest shave.

The initial investment with this type of men’s razor can seem high, but over time that investment and the new blades required for it, pale into insignificance when compared to the cost of cartridge blades and disposable men’s razors. So, a better shave and less cost.  What’s not to love?

Men's razors and shaving products

If you’ve not used this type of men’s razor before, it might take a bit of getting used to so you’ll need to find one that is comfortable to hold and easy to use – they do differ slightly.  Why not book in for a shaving lesson with one of our professional barbers (reputed to be the best in London). They’ll help you choose the right men’s razor for you, give you a proper wet shave with loads of advice and tips on getting the best shave and will demonstrate how to use shaving products to get the best out of them (like adding a bit of shaving oil to your shaving cream.)

You can book an appointment for a shaving lesson online for any of our central London barber shops or call in the next time you’re passing for some helpful advice.


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