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Pall Mall Barbers lands in Singapore

Pall Mall Barbers have arrived in Singapore. We’re bringing British sensibilities to the gentlemen of Singapore with our specially formulated grooming collection, designed by our experienced team of barbers.
Our full collection of shampoos, conditioners, and grooming products can now be found in some of Singapore’s best men’s stores and departments.

The grooming collection is formed of a 5-Step Shaving programme, as well as beard oil, moustache wax and our famed Sandalwood & Clove Cologne. To get the perfect shave using our grooming products, read on…

Step 1: Pre-Shave Scrub

Wet the face using warm water. Apply a two pump dose of Pre Shave Scrub to your hand. Using circular motions, massage the scrub into the bearded area, or wherever you will be shaving. Using a face cloth or water, remove the scrub from the skin.

Step 2: Shave Oil

Now that your skin is prepared, the Shave Oil should be applied. Apply a two pump dose to of Shave Oil to your hand. Warm between the hands, then evenly distribute the oil over the stubble. The Shave Oil will help soften the stubble, creating a barrier between the skin and the blade to ensure a smooth slick over the skin.

Step 3: Shave Cream

It is important to note that very little water is required to activate the lather. If you use too much water, you will not produce a satisfactory lather. The Shave Cream is most effective with a medium bristle synthetic brush, but you may also use a badger brush. The luxurious lather produced with two pumps of Shave Cream is most effective. Too much lather hides the hairs, making the shave less effective.
Place your shaving brush into your shaving mug (or a sink) containing hot water. The water should warm and soak the bristles. Shake off excess water. Apply two pumps of Shave Cream to the brush, then apply the product to the face directly from the brush using circular motions. This will produce a gentle lather and visibly lift the hairs from the skin, revealing the direction of hair growth. You can also use your fingers to work the Shave Cream into hairs around the moustache area. Remove the hair using your preferred razor.

Step 4: Cooling Gel

Once you have shaved, it is important to soothe the skin and lock in moisture. Remove any excess Shave Cream from the skin using a wet flannel.
Take a two pump dose of Cooling Gel and pat it gently into the shaved area. The gel will calm and sooth any irritation and refresh the skin.

Step 5: Post Shave Balm

Lightly pat the face with a towel to remove any excess moisture from the face. Do not dry the face fully, as any leftover moisture will help you massage the balm into the skin smoothly.
Dry your hands, and spread two pumps of Post Shave Balm over both hands to activate, then gently pat into the shaved skin. The product will turn white as it absorbs into the skin.
Our extensive male grooming collection is now available in a number of retail outlets and department stores in Singapore.

Locations in Singapore

21 Cuscaden Road
#02-06, Ming Arcade (opposite Hard Rock Cafe)
Singapore 249720
Isetan Scotts
3rd Floor, Men’s Dept
350 Orchard Road
Singapore 238868

Metro Paragon
4th Floor, Men’s department
290 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238859
Metro Centrepoint
3rd Floor, Men’s department
176 Orchard Road
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

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