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Shave Cream by Pall Mall Barbers

Barbers Shave Cream Post Shave Balm and Pre Shave Scrub

At Pall Mall Barbers, our products were painstakingly developed and trialled by our expert barbers for 5 years, until we were absolutely thrilled with the results of the grooming collection. Our Shave Cream is fantastic at softening stubble, providing lubrication for the razor blade to glide over the skin.
What is it?
A shave cream is a rich, lathering cream that softens the stubble and provides protection to the skin, ensuring a close, comfortable shave and reducing irritation.
What’s so good about it?
Our shave cream was formulated to effectively lift hairs away from the skin, for maximum visibility when shaving. It contains jojoba oil, a richly moisturising oil that closely resembles the natural oil produced by our skin. This creates a rich barrier alongside glycerine to retain moisture in the skin and provide lubrication for the blade, allowing it to pass over the skin and remove unwanted facial hair.
The active ingredient across our entire grooming collection, prickly pear seed oil, is a wonder ingredient – known not only for its moisturising properties but also its high content of vitamin E to help repair and replenish moisture levels in the skin, instantly calming irritation.

Did you know?
Hair on the neck on chin and moustache area is tougher than the hair on your cheeks. You should allow the cream longer to soften the hair in these areas by applying it around the beard, chin and upper lip first, followed by the cheek, and shaving them after the cheeks.
How do you use it?
Dispense one pump onto fingertips, and massage gently into the skin wherever you shave.
Get the ultimate shave by combining it with a brush, which creates the most effective lather and lifts hairs away from the skin, giving you a closer and longer-lasting shave.
Follow with Post-Shave Balm for the ultimate in luxurious shaving experiences.
Our Shave Cream is available alone or as part of the Shaving Products System – giving you everything you need for a perfect shave.

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