Haircuts for Guys with Square Faces

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Haircuts for Guys with Square Faces

What length do I need to do a comb-over Haircut?

One of the more contemporary trends is an undercut comb over which combines the traditional horizontal direction of the style with the fresher, edgier undercut haircut. With scissors cut sides of around 1.5 inches in length gradually tapering towards the neck, haircuts for guys with square faces.

How to ask your barber for a comb-over haircut?

Ask your barbers to use clippers or scissors to cut the back and sides to a lower gradient than the rest of your hair. While you might not have to touch the top at all, a small amount of snipping may be required to give the desired shape.

What to use to maintain the comb-over haircut

Use Pliable Clay, of course! To apply, rub a small amount of the styling product between the fingers and work from root to tip for a robust and matte hold.

Buzz Cut Hair

What Length Do I Need to Get Buzz Cut Haircut?

For a Buzzcut, you should ask for a number 4 cut, which leaves hair 1/2-inch-long, making it the medium length of the clipper guards. With the four sizes, you can start to get a brush or crew cut, which is like a buzz cut but includes a skin fade on the sides and longer hair on top. This works well for both thick and thin hair.

How to Ask Your Barber for a Buzz Cut Haircut?

You should ask for a number 4 cut. The buzz cut is probably the most low-maintenance and easy men’s haircut to get. Some guys buzz their hair at home using quality clippers.

What to Use to Style the Buzz Cut Haircut?

We suggest using a texture enhancer by Pall Mall Barbers, a resinous styling product that is suitable for short hair. It helps both thicken and add texture at once, giving the hair a strong yet supple hold with a matte finish.

Side Swept with Part Hair

What length do I need to achieve a side-swept look with a part haircut?

For a Side Swept with part Haircut, ask for a “Number 2 Haircut”, it’s one of the most famous clipper sizes for fade haircuts. Not too short or long, 1/4 of an inch in length, allowing for a fuller hairstyle that doesn’t expose the scalp.

How to ask your barber for a side-swept with part Haircut?

Ask for the guard length you want on the top of the back and sides, and to maintain length on the side where your parting is – this will help emphasize the clean look of the parting. Then, it should fade down from there.

What to use to maintain a side-swept with part Haircut? 

Use Pompadour Paste; it gives medium to firm hold, plenty of natural shine and texture to the hair. Our Luxury Pompadour Paste is a flexible fibre gum that manipulates and separates the hair into the desired style.


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