Flexible Shine – Mens Hair Styling Products

Flexible Shine from Pall Mall Barbers in London is the mens hair styling product to use if you  want to style your hair like Gary Barlow or George Clooney.

It is great if you have thick and coarse hair and you  are looking for a styling product to create messy texturized looks that you can re-work throughout the day .

This flexible shine hair putty also works on hair of all lengths. The perfect amount of product to use is a thumb nail to use around two inches length;

Rub the product between the fingers and through damp or dry hair for great definition and a matte finish.

Flexible shine gives a nice shine to mens hair without looking greasy and keeps a side parting in place maintains texture to the hair without flattening it.

Full range of mens hairstyling products available in our London mens hairdressers and barber shops also on the Pall Mall Barbers website where you can buy the Flexible Shine in 2 sizes, 100 ml & 50 ml;


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