Considered by many to be the “King of Cool”, Steve McQueen obviously had a very good barber!

In nearly all his photos, his hair is styled from the side to the front and as experienced barbers and mens hairdressing specialists at Pall Mall Barbers, we can tell that this is the way his hair grew.  Any style that is cut to go with the direction of the hair requires minimal effort to look good, and takes a good barber to recognise and cut that way.

Steve McQueen had thick and fairly coarse hair which is easy to style but does require regular haircuts, as it can get out of shape really quickly.

When we’re asked to cut this style, we use scissors all over the hair, so get it to the right length and to suit the face.

In the picture of Steve McQueen we’ve chosen, it looks like it’s ¾ of an inch in length at the sides and 1 inch in length on the top. So, there’s  not too much contrast between the top and the sides. Point cutting into the hair all over will add a slight texture rather than using the thinning scissor which will just make this particular hair type fluffy.

To style it, blow dry aiming the nozzle of the hairdryer along the direction the hair grows and use a small round brush to get movement into the hair. Finish with PMB’s Pliable Clay, that’s give shape and texture without looking like there’s too much product in the hair. And there you have the easy style and cool look of Steve McQueen.

If you want to see how to use Pliable Clay, check out this short video of Dan from Pall Mall Barbers demonstrating it or if you’d rather just go ahead and buy some, here’s the link to the Pall Mall Barbers online shop.

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