Styling Bundle – Styling Product For Men

Styling Bundle – Styling Product For Men

Looking for a styling product that will help you get the look you want? Check out our Styling Bundle 3pcs! This bundle includes our Flexible Shine, Texture Enhancer, and Workable Paste products, all of which are designed to help you achieve your desired look. Plus, they’re all flexible enough to be used on any type of hair! So if you’re looking for a versatile styling solution, be sure to check out our Styling Bundle. You won’t be disappointed!

Are you on the hunt for a new hair styling product? We are here to help. Our latest bundle of 3 products will give your hair that perfect look you’re craving. With Flexible Shine, Texture Enhancer, and Workable Paste, your locks will be looking fabulous in no time!

Do you ever feel like your hair is just too boring? Do you want to add some texture, volume, and shine but don’t know how? Styling Bundle 3pcs has the answer! This bundle includes our Flexible Shine, Texture Enhancer, and Workable Paste, all of which will help you get the style you want.


Flexible Shine

Flexible Shine is a styling product for men that provides flexible hold and shine. It’s perfect for the guy on the go who needs to look polished all day but doesn’t want to sacrifice style or spend time doing his hair. This product’s lightweight formula never stiffens up, so your locks will always feel natural and easy to manage.

The water-based gel also has unique resins which allow you to achieve any desired hairstyle without stiffness or stickiness. So whether you’re looking for some extra volume at work, a slicked-back look before an evening out with friends, or just some tamed flyaways during the day – Flexible Shine has got you covered!


Flexible Shine is a styling product designed for men that will provide them with an all-day shine and the option to style their hair into what they want. It can be used in any way you like, from creating a high ponytail to adding volume when needed.

This product also provides you with a flexible hold so your hair can move naturally throughout the day or evening of your choice. The best part about this product is that it’s easy to use – just brush through damp hair, comb until the desired look is achieved, then dry as normal!

Pall Mall Barbers Flexible Shine is ideal for creating messy, textured looks that can be re-worked throughout the day and easily washed out. Our flexible shine styling product for men creates volume and provides a natural finish for the hair. It works perfectly on hair of all lengths, helping to keep a strong and slick look, without any stiffness.

Direction to use: Rub a small amount between the fingers and through damp or dry hair for great definition and a matte finish.

Flexible Shine is the perfect styling product for men who want to have some control over their hair’s look while also having a natural, flexible hold. The shine of this product lasts all day and it can be used in any way you like- from creating a high ponytail to adding volume when needed. Give your style new life with Flexible Shine! Shop Now!

Workable Paste

Workable Paste is a styling product that can be used on wet or dry hair and in any environment. It works to create different shapes and styles with a little touch of shine, making it perfect for both home use and when you’re travelling.

Pall Mall’s workable paste is ideal for styling hair at home, helping you to achieve the trendy hairstyles we style on our clients in our London barbershops. Perfect to use on the go, our workable paste helps add a little shine to hair whilst still helping to achieve an immaculate and sleek style.

Direction to use: Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair and work from the root to the tip, shaping into the desired style.


Texture Enhancer

Texture Enhancer is a real lifesaver! You put it in and five minutes later you’re done with all those pesky messy pieces that always seemed to sneak their way into every photo or video no matter how hard we tried. A few swipes on our favourite brush (which also works as an elastic) will give us everything from natural waves/curls straight up styles without any effort whatsoever…and most importantly: They’ll stay fresh-looking until wash day because of its matt finish formula.

 Directions: Apply a small amount to dried hair to be able to shape and reshape.

The Styling Bundle is the perfect way to start your styling routine. Whether you want a sleek, shiny blowout or an undone texture with movement and body, this bundle has it all! We’ve got everything from flexible shine to texturizing powder so that no matter what look you’re going for, we have the product for you. If those three products sound like they’ll work well together on your hair type but you don’t know where to begin shopping? Head over here now before our stocks run out of these awesome bundles.

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