Aldo photo

Aldo is an extremely talented barber on our team. He is an expert at offering all kinds of haircuts, from skin fades to scissor cuts to clipper cuts. So, whether you need a classic cut, modern hairstyle, or a combination of both, Aldo will do a top-notch job! You can explain your requirements, ask for his recommendations, and settle on a haircut that suits you well.

Aldo loves barbering because it’s an impactful profession. He believes that a great haircut can change the client’s mood and energy for the better. Needless to say, he offers just that, and our clients are super happy with his service. He is very friendly and communicative. So if you are up for a chat, he is also good company!
His favourite hobby is playing basketball. During his spare time, Aldo also likes playing Counterstrike and watching movies.

Aldo highly recommends Pall Mall Barbers’ Pliable Clay as it provides a good combination of a matte and textured finish. It’s super easy to get the desired hairstyle with this clay!

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