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The gentleman’s guide to grooming

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The gentleman’s guide to grooming – male grooming is experiencing a huge boom, with modern men taking care of themselves more than ever before, so we have put together the gentleman’s guide to grooming. In addition to the below, it’s important to always iron your clothes. The wrinkled ‘pulled off…

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Beard Grooming Mistakes We All Make

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Beard Grooming Mistakes We All Make – no matter how long you’ve had your beard, you’ll inevitably make a mistake once in a while when you’re grooming it – so check out our list of beard grooming mistakes we all make, and how to best prevent them. 1…

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How to Shave from Home If You Have Sensitive Skin

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Here’s what you should do How to Shave from Home – Advice from Pall Mall Barbers. First Step, buy a facial scrub with natural ingredients and apply it to your facial hair to soften. Hydrate the skin with lukewarm water for at least 2 minutes. The softer your facial…

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How to Use a Cut Throat Razor

how to use a cut throat razor

Apparently, knowing how to use a cut throat razor is a skill that a lot of men would love to have. But it seems they’re put off by the risk of holding an open blade to their own face. Really?  Come on guys, it’s honestly not that hard to get…

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Barbers in London

mens grooming goodie bag ideas

From what we see every day, men in London generally take pride in their appearance. Whether they work in the city and need a professional, well groomed appearance or prefer the more relaxed hipster look of a well shaped, busy beard and a slicked back quiff. We see it…

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Shaving Tips and Tricks

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Looking for some shaving tips and tricks to improve the quality and comfort of your daily shave?  Then look no further. At Pall Mall Barbers we are known as the shaving experts.  Our barbers are some of the best in the business, which is why their opinion…

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