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From what we see every day, men in London generally take pride in their appearance. Whether they work in the city and need a professional, well groomed appearance or prefer the more relaxed hipster look of a well shaped, busy beard and a slicked back quiff.
We see it all at our male barbers in London and with three (soon to be 4…) barber shops in central London, we’ve got some of the best barbers in the capital so can cater for all tastes.  And it’s not just hair cutting and styling that we do in our male barbers in London. We offer the full range of barber services such as luxury wet shaves, beard trimming, even shaving lessons.
With all this experience of mens hair and mens shaving, we created our own Pall Mall Barbers YouTube channel full of shaving advice, grooming tips and hair product recommendations.  So here are some clips and links from just some of the most popular ones from one of the most popular male barbers in London!
Our beard advice is to use a beard oilHow to Use Beard Oil Properly
See how Erin, the Manager of our Trafalgar Square barber shop demonstrates how to apply beard oil to tame and shape your beard, plus advice on how to condition your beard from the skin to the tips. Watch that and then get some of the excellent Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil from our online shop.

Pliable Clay for Thinning HairWhich Hair Product to Use for a Matt Look
If you don’t like a shiny finish to your hair but still want something that will hold it in shape, then Pall Mall Barbers Pliable Clay is the hair product for you. We sell a lot of this hair styling gem to all our male barbers in London, and this is Dan, our General Manager demonstrating how much to use and how to apply it.

Shaving Creams & Soaps
3-Step Shaving System for a Professional Wet Shave at Home
If you’ve ever been treated to a luxury wet shave at one of our male barber shops in London, you’ll know just how smooth your face feels afterwards.  And now that we’ve launched the Pall Mall Barbers unique 3 Step Shaving System, there’s no reason why you can’t get such a close shave at home now too. To show you how to use these products and get the most out of them, watch this video.

Just a few of our helpful videos with advice and tips from our male barbers in London.  Have a browse through the rest of them on our YouTube channel and if there is anything you would really like to know or need some help with any aspect of men’s hairdressing or barbershop services, drop us a line – we’d be happy to help.

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Our Barbers & Barber shop in London are short walk from Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Aldgate East, Moorgate, St James Park, Westminster, Piccadilly, Charing Cross, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Warren Street, Great Portland Street, Euston and Euston Tube & Train Stations.

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