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Beard Trimming in the City of London

Beard trimming in the City of London

Looking to keep your beard in tip-top condition and have it trimmed to perfection? Then look no further, because luckily for you, Pall Mall Barbers are the beard experts!
With 4 barber shops in the city of London, the latest barber shop near Liverpool Street,  beard trimming & beard shaping in the city of London is going to become very convenient.
Whatever the length of your beard, whether you’re just starting to grow it or it’s a full-on bushy mass of facial hair, the most important thing is to keep it in good condition. Regular beard maintenance is crucial.  Washing and conditioning your hairy face, as well as regular beard trimming to keep it in shape applying a really good beard oil to keep it soft and tamed and the regular things that you should be doing.  No one wants to look at a musty, scruffy-looking beard that may contain all manner of things from crumbs from your lunch to toothpaste to drops of your favourite tipple. And imagine all that sitting right under your nose.  Not good!

So, here are some tips on not only getting your beard in good condition and shaped well, but for ongoing beard maintenance.
Firstly, we’ve got a great video if you’ve got a bit of growth started and don’t quite know how to shape it. Erin’s tips will help you make your beard look a lot thicker and more even overall. If you’re not that confident, or you’re a first-time beard grower, make an appointment for beard trimming in the city of London and one of our experienced barbers will not only shape and trim your beard for you but can also show you exactly how to do it at home yourself.

As it grows, it’s important to wash and condition your beard just as you would your hair. So every time you’re applying shampoo to the top of your head, do the bottom of your face too. It will only add seconds to your showering routine.  We’ve developed our own range of shampoos and conditioners for men that are ideal for your facial hair too. If you’ve got drier hair, go for the Argan Oil range, or if your hair is finer and greasier or you have a sensitive scalp then the Tea Tree Oil range would be a better choice. You can buy them online or in-store.

So, you’ve got to the stage where your beard is looking pretty impressive. What now? Facial hair can get unruly quite quickly as it tends to grow in all different directions. Trim it regularly.. and carefully!  We’ve seen many a wonky moustache that needs rescuing! Come along for beard trimming in the city and then keep it looking as good as possible by using quality beard oil.  It can be used for styling – it’ll look healthier and shinier and the hairs will sit in place better. But also, beard oil is a great deep conditioner for your facial hair applied when it’s wet. This will help you to style your beard as the hair becomes softer and more pliable. If you want to see exactly how to do this, here’s another video featuring the top beard skills of Erin!

So don’t forget, wash and condition your beard, get it trimmed regularly and use beard oil.  Easy! And for beard trimming in the city, book an appointment online or call one of our City of London Barber shops.

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Our beard advice is to use a beard oil

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