Apparently, knowing how to use a cut throat razor is a skill that a lot of men would love to have. But it seems they’re put off by the risk of holding an open blade to their own face. Really?  Come on guys, it’s honestly not that hard to get the hang of and can you imagine how impressive it will be to brag to your mates, that you can actually shave with a razor sharp open blade?!

Knowing how to use a cut throat razor is a dying skill.  With most men opting for multi blade disposable razors, we admit that’s the quickest and easiest option for your daily shave but it’s certainly not the cheapest or even the closest shave you’ll get, by a long shot.

Our General Manager, Daniel Davies, has some great advice and tips for you if you want to give it a go and learn how to use a cut throat razor properly.  His first recommendation is to book a shaving lesson and be taught by a professional.  At Pall Mall Barbers, you can book a shaving lesson with any of our experienced barbers in any of our Central London barber shops.  Just go online to our booking system or give us a ring – click through for details of our locations.

A professional barber will take you through each step in detail where he’ll show you exactly how to use a cut throat razor, from the very first step like building up a good lather to your shaving cream and working it into your face with a badger’s hair shaving brush.  This will help to get your bristles standing up.

You’ll need to hold the blade at the right angle and pull your skin taut to ensure a really smooth shave, getting as close to the skin and the base of the hair as possible. With a little practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it and be shaving like a pro.

Dan’s got some great advice in an article on the site – a complete fashion, style, fitness & grooming guide for the modern gent.Their team of industry experts and enthusiastic writers provide the everyday male with the latest advice, inspiration and guides to looking their best daily. You can read the full article “The Cut Throat and Safety Razor Shaving Guide”

So read the article, book a shaving lesson and you’ll be shaving like a pro in no time!

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