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Independent Review of Pall Mall Barbers Shaving System

3 bottle of pall mall barber products with a razor and brush

Tony Shaves recently provided us with their independent and in fact very valuable review of our 3-Step Sandalwood & Clove Shaving System. The results of this recent review were posted on their official blog as well as Instagram (@tonyshaves)

The first comment that was mentioned is:

After opening the box the lovely sandalwood smell immediately filled my entire room. This is how sandalwood is supposed to smell, I just love the addition of clove. It makes it a bit spicy and reminds me of a bay rum scent. This makes Pall Mall Barbers’ Sandalwood & Clove a unique and distinguished scent.

Once going ahead and exploring our 3-Step Shaving System Step by Step, Tony Shaves found our Pre-Shave Scrub to give the right combination of cleaning and moisturising properties.

After applying Pall Mall Barbers Pre-Shave Scrub my skin felt a tiny bit greasy, which is exactly what I want from a pre-shave. Normal scrubs usually irritate my skin before I even start my shave. However, this scrub is just right for me. I can hear my face getting cleaned. I have never been more ready to shave.

The next step of Pall Mall Barbers Shaving System to review was our Shaving Cream. As a matter of fact, Tony Shaves did not stop to compliment our shaving system at this step.

The pump dispenser makes getting the right dose easy and convenient. You always have the right amount of cream. Lathered up it is thinner than I expected but the protection is there and the cushioning and glide is great. I feel the razor, I feel it cutting the hairs. I have control.
Again the scent, yes it’s that great. Reminds me of an old London Barbershop, lot’s of wood, a fireplace, people calling me “Sir”. Exactly what the creator intended. I am King for a Shave.

Lastly, the final stage of our Shaving System is Post Shave Balm and here is what Tony has to say about it:

The post shave balm is somewhat greasy, left a white layer on my skin. Kinda surprised I massaged the excess balm into my skin and suddenly it fully absorbed it. It made my skin soft as silk. Not sticky or greasy at all. I have never been so smooth. From now on I want to be addressed to as Sir Tony Shaves and I will drive on the left side of the road! I don’t care if it’s not allowed!
The post shave feel of this Sandalwood & Clove shaving line is downright awesome. If need to be absolutely sure that you step out of your bathroom clean, soft, baby butt smooth and smelling like a ‘Sir’, this product will help you achieve just that.

To read the full version of the blog post about the review of Pall Mall Barber Shaving System or watch the video, visit Tony Shaves Official Blog or follow their activities on Instagram account @tonyshaves.

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