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Get the look Euro 2020

Footballers provide a lot of inspiration for our barbers with customers asking for various styles they’ve seen on and off the pitch – so we’ve asked our barbers to tell us the secrets behind some of the most popular cuts of the season. 

For the first time in history, the Euro 2020 tournament is to be carried out across the continent – with Wembley hosting the final and semi-finals – so players such as Jordan Henderson, Kieran Trippier, Mason Mount, and manager Gareth Southgate will be wanting to look their smartest throughout the tournament. The other 11 host cities include Amsterdam, Baku, Munich, Glasgow , Rome, and Budapest – amongst others! 


How to get the Jordan Henderson hair style

Currently the skipper of Liverpool, Jordan Henderson has a basic but sharp hairstyle – which is easily achieved and looks great on most men. If you’re looking to get Jordan Henderson’s haircut, you should ask your barber for a medium height skin fade on the back and sides, with 3-4 inches of length at the fringe, graduating shorter towards the crown.

The best way to style Jordan Henderson’s haircut is to dry the hair on top in one direction – depending on how your own hair grows and your preference, to the left or right is fine. Use a hair dryer with a round brush to create some volume at the front. If you want a stronghold with a little shine, then use the Pall Mall Barbers Pomade – and if you’d like a more matte finish then go in with the Pall Mall Barbers Pliable Clay. 


How to get the Kieran Trippier hair style

Atletico Madrid’s first English player in over 95 years, Kieran Trippier’s hair style is a short crop with plenty of added texture – it’s a perfect look if you want to look smart but not spend too much time on your hair. To get a look like Kieran Trippier’s haircut, ask the barber for a high skin fade on the back and sides, and to leave about 1-2 inches of length on top. The fringe is taken as short as possible so that the front hairline can be shaped up, giving the haircut a clean and sharp finish. The hair on top is texturized to create a messy look.

Styling your hair like Kieran Trippier’s haircut is quick and easy – the hair on top is texturized to create a messy look, whilst the fringe is kept slightly tidier. Dry your hair fully before you style, and then apply either Pall Mall Barbers Texture Enhancer or Workable Paste to the hair. Warm the product in the palms of your hands, using them to spread the product all over – then use fingers to add texture and mess by grabbing and twisting small sections, until you’re happy with the look and texture. 


How to get the Mason Mount hair style

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has a classic quiff-like haircut – it needs a little styling, but always looks good. To get Mason Mount’s haircut, you’ll need to ask for a low skin fade – and keep the hair at the top of the back and sides at a short and crisp number 2. Make sure you ask to keep the length at the fringe – you’ll need about 4-5 inches of length – graduating shorter toward the crown so it blends well and looks tidy. 

To style Mason Mount’s haircut, you need to focus on creating volume at the front – use a hairdryer and your fingers to create a messy quiff. Pull the hair at the front upwards with your fingers whilst you dry the hair and apply Pall Mall Barbers Texture Enhancer when dry to keep it in place all day long.


How to get the Gareth Southgate hair style 

Gareth Southgate has probably been the most popular England manager for a long time – since he took over for the qualifiers for the last World Cup. He maintains a cool character from the sidelines, and always looks sharp and stylish. For a classic style that is less brutal than a lot of the players, but still timeless, you could ask your barber for ‘the Gareth Southgate’ haircut. 

What you’ll be getting is a short scissor cut on the back and sides, with about 3 inches of length kept on the top. Ask for either a straight neckline, like Gareth Southgate’s or a taper if you prefer a natural finish at the back. Whilst his parting is on the right-hand side and kept high, if your hair naturally falls from the left, just make sure your parting is kept high. 

A very simple and easy-to-style haircut, you want to pull the part into place while the hair is still damp, using a comb to create definition. Dry the hair over to the side, putting some slight volume into the front of the style. You’ll be looking managerial in no time.

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