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How to get the Chris Pratt Avengers Haircut

In this series of ‘How to get the Look’ Pall Mall Barbers General Manager Dan Davies explains how to get your hair like your Avengers superhero’s to celebrate the release of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Avengers: Endgame.

Who is he?

Chris Pratt is the Hollywood man of the moment. He burst onto the scene as Star-Lord from Marvell’s guardian to the galaxy. And has since gone on to play major roles in films such as Jurassic Park.

If you like some of the star Lord’s mixtapes from the Avengers pop into one of our stores and one of our receptionists will happily put this on whilst you are having your haircut.

What to ask your barber for?


To get Chris’s look as your barber for a classic short back and sides. Dan’s suggestion would be that the thinner you are going on top the shorter you should have the back and sides. As the shortness on the sides emphasis the bulk on the top.

Make sure you ask your barber to leave some weight on the top corners of the hair as this will help with your receding hairline.

What about the facial hair?

The beard – If you have a hard jaw line do a softer lining out. If you have a bit more weight in the face, we recommend lining it out.

Chris has gone for a designer stubble left natural with no lining out. Day to day look is this. May be different for films

How often should I get my haircut?

To maintain this haircut we would recommend getting it cut every 3-4 weeks. Keep back and sides fresh. You may not need the top cutting every time.

How to style

If your hair is getting slightly thinner the rule of thumb is to let the hair completely dry before applying product. Use sea salt spray to swell the hair shaft before drying then add a small amount of texture enhancer. Casually ruffle through all the hair. Apply the product like your washing the hair to make sure the product is all over the hair. Casual care-free look.

Who is the style for?

As you can see from Chris’s hairline, he is starting to go thin on top and is starting to recede.

Universal look would benefit any man that suffers from a receding hairline or have a defined jaw. And wants to make the best of their features. Chris has done this with a classic short back and sides.

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