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Whatever Floats Your Boat in Paddington This Week

Head to the Grand Union Canal, Paddington from Wednesday 29th August to Sunday 2nd September as the barges open their doors to reveal scrumptious street food, local artisans, live music and more. When it comes to events in London that are ‘must-visit’, this one is at the top if you are in the Paddington area.
Before you head to the carnival on the canal, check us out at 23 Sheldon Square, Paddington, London W2 6EY.
As residents of the area, we figured you might like to pop into Pall Mall Barbers Paddington to experience our tantalizing treatments at the hands of one of our master barbers. Once you’ve had a classic wet shave or spruce of your hairstyle, you’ll walk out refreshed and reinvigorated ready to promenade around the Floating Market in Paddington like a prince on his day off; sampling something here, picking something up there, and exchanging pleasantries with passers-by. Sounds like a Hollywood script? A little bit but if you want to be the part you have to look the part so get yourself down to the best barbers near Paddington where we’ll transform you from hairy to handsome.

So, what else can you expect at the Floating Market in Paddington?

This is more than just a few stalls pitching up to sell you something, the Floating Market is a community outpouring, a collective coming together in a commercial but collaborative way. You can expect lots of local retailers with tasters and treats, samples and snippets to get you excited and salivating. From hand-printed scarves to homemade soap, chili oils to chilled drinks – saunter along the canal from Wednesday to Sunday this week to try them all. A glass of English sparkling wine and a try of the tasting carts is a great way to settle into the mood of the weekend.

Paddington Floating Market is not to be missed!

Sophistication is the order of the day and the best way to place that order is in the comfort of our chairs at Pall Mall Barbers near Paddington. Depending on which part of the canal you are in, the length of time it should take to reach us will differ but you will only be between 5-10 minutes’ walk away. We are considered to be the best barbers near Paddington because we are established, experienced experts in the field of executing haircuts for the discerning gentlemen of London. Maybe you want a classic, wet shave being lathered up with our premium quality foam; this can be an amazing way to take the edge off the day and transform your look from lacking to luxurious. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a new hairstyle to match the new purchase you made at the Floating Market in Paddington, our master barbers are trained experts in architecture and artistry when it comes to hair. They will consult you and have a conversation to decipher your desired design. Come and get your hair cut by the best barbers in Paddington and visit The Floating Market too.

Visit us at Pall Mall Barbers Paddington

The Floating Market, Paddington will be open between 11AM and 7PM from 29th August and 2nd September.

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