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How to get Jamie Dornan’s haircut

Recently, a lot of our regulars have been asking for Jamie Dornan’s haircut. He seems to get a fair few women hot under the collar, so it’s a pretty safe bet that his haircut will make you popular too.

Jamie Dornan’s haircut

Right now, Jamie Dornan is probably best known as that chap from Fifty Shades of Grey. But we don’t need to talk about that. Let’s all agree that we know him from his work in acclaimed BBC crime drama The Fall, playing respectable dad/cold-blooded serial killer Paul Spector. Much better. Whatever he’s getting up to on the screen, it has to be said that Jamie Dornan is a pretty sharp dresser. You would be too if you had stack of modelling contracts and wardrobes from Calvin Klein, Armani, Dior and Hugo Boss at your disposal. For the budget-conscious, a couple of crisp white shirts and a trip to the barber is a decent place to start.
get jamie dornan's haircut

How to get Jamie Dornan’s haircut

To get Jamie Dornan’s haircut your barber for a classic scissor cut – your barber will know it needs to be a round layer that follows the shape of the cut. The hair should be blended into your sideburns and beard for maximum “upstanding citizen who just happens to have a custom-built dungeon” effect. This one is pretty easy to maintain at home. All you need is a pea-sized amount of Pliable Clay. You’ll also want to grow a beard if you really want to nail it – and make sure you use some beard oil to make sure it looks as good as it does.
Top tip from Christian, head barber at our Bishopsgate barbershop near Shoreditch: If you really want to recreate Jamie Dornan’s haircut at home, make sure you work the pliable clay through your hair from root to tip – it’s really important that the hairs are properly coated so they sit on top of each other just right.

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