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Get the Robbie Williams Haircut

Robbie’s back with a bang! The man who once sang ‘Let Me Entertain You’ is now in the judging chair waiting for hopeful harmonists to entertain him on the X-Factor. Whether you watch the program or not, you will undoubtedly be hearing about it, reading about it, and thinking about how Robbie Williams still looks like a star after all these years. Although some men like Simon Cowell opt for single-layered, simple hairstyles; with Robbie, we are loving angles instead as his new ‘do is dominating the battle of the perms on that panel.
Master Barber, Russell from Pall Mall Barbers King’s Cross explains Robbie’s new haircut in a bit more detail below.

What is the Robbie Williams hairstyle and how can you get it?

If you don’t have a suitable photo of Mr. Williams handy, then you’ll need to ask for the following: a high 1 grade on the back and sides with the top of the hair layered and textured. It’s important to mention how you want the style to be swept back to give that quiff-like appearance. To get this particular haircut you must have enough length on top to achieve the slicked-back look. If in doubt, ask your barber first.
Also, during the initial consultation with your barber, don’t be afraid to ask whether this style will suit your face and head shape. Onc style can do wonders for one person and the complete opposite for another.

How difficult is it to maintain this hair style?

The layered and textured look on top can be left alone for a relatively long time as there isn’t much maintenance required here until the hair just becomes too long. However, the high 1 grade on the back and sides will beckon you back to the barbershop roughly every two weeks. Unlike scissor cuts, clipper cuts grow out much quicker and need regular maintenance in order to get that sharp finish.
This is an excellent look to have, it’s interesting and attractive with minimal self-maintenance at home – there will be some required but you won’t need to invest too heavily into pomades and waxes. If you are a busy man then this cut is wonderful because it takes very little time to keep it in check, except for the fortnightly visits to your favourite barbers.

Which products should I use at home?

Use sea salt spray with a hairdryer to get some subtle hold while creating a fresh, voluminous and thick feel. Sea salt is great for giving that natural look and feel.

After your hair is dry, use a pliable clay to slick the hair back. You only need to use a very small amount of clay to achieve this look. Clay is perfect if you’re looking for that matte, dry finish like Robbie’s.

Why Pall Mall Barbers in London?

Having first established ourselves in the male grooming scene back in 1896, we consider ourselves to be the forefathers, foundation-setters and forward-thinking innovators of quality barbershops in London. We take great pride in our work and love the fact that our customers are considered to be our extended family members; this personal service of pampering and perfect grooming thanks to our excellent barbers here in London, is the reason why we are the most reviewed barbershop business in the UK and beyond. Whether it’s a celebrity haircut you want to emulate or you want some advice from our talented team of barbers in London’s best barbershop; we are on hand to help. We are artisans and architects as much as we are sculptors and snippers who transform mediocre men into glorious gentlemen.

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