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The Must-Have Kit For Maintaining and Grooming Manly Beards

To all the men out there who know their fair share about beards, here’s the truth – growing a beard is easy, but maintaining and grooming it the right way is a whole other ball game altogether.
Women have makeup, men have beards, and yes, beards can be just as fashionable and versatile. A beard isn’t just about facial hair; it adds to one’s style and is a reflection of the individual’s personality too. A man with a well-groomed beard is sure to turn a few heads, and it adds to the appeal of his overall look.
So, if you have a beard but haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves, it’s never too late to start now!
Pall Mall Barbers have been selling specialized products for men’s grooming since 1896, and their range of luxury products for beards is definitely a great choice. Read on to find out more about their different products, and how they can make your beard look fantastic!

1 – Before, during, and after

The PMB pre-shave scrub helps with exfoliating and preparing your beard and skin for a shave or trim. Made using Amazonian guarana seeds, pear seed oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter, it helps with eliminating dead skin and also moisturizes both the hair and skin. It also soothes the skin, so that there’s no irritation while shaving.
During the shave, the PMB shaving cream is perfect for hydrating the skin and also creates and foamy, creamy lather, making it very easy to shave. It contains prickly pear seed oil and jojoba for added moisturization and suits all skin types.

Once you’ve completed your shave, opt for the PMB post-shave balm, which contains prickly pear seed extract and glycerine as well. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft, while also dealing with any irritation or dry patches after shaving.
To top the shaving ritual off, don’t forget a few splashes of cologne! The signature Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood & Clove cologne has a wonderful, classic fragrance that will suit your needs. With woody notes and hints of almonds and cardamom, it is a powerful yet not overbearing scent. Perfect for both the day and night, the cologne is an excellent all-rounder.

2 – Wax and Oil

Grooming isn’t just about the shaving process. Waxes and oils help with taming unruly beards, giving them a more neat and clean look. Oils also help with conditioning, moisturizing, and boosting the growth of a healthy beard.
The PMB range of wax and beard oil is specifically made for superior conditioning and taming. The oil contains extracts of Almond and Jojoba, which are especially great for maintaining facial hair and skin.

Grooming manly beards 3 – Gels for sensitive skin

Different ranges of electric shavers are meant for sensitive skin types. You can get more info about electric razors and their ranges here. However, for someone with very sensitive skin, a cooling gel can work wonders!
PMB’s shaving oil and cooling gel are created especially for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. The oil adds a layer of protection for the skin, before shaving, and the gel can be used post-shaving to soothe the skin, close the open skin pores and deal with any irritation or rashes.
Grooming manly beards

4 – Dealing with the after-burn

Suffering from cuts and burns after a shave is normal, especially if your skin is sensitive or you’re new to shaving by yourself. A quick and easy remedy to deal with this is alum matches.
PMB offers single-use, disposable alum matches which are a quick, hygienic, and easy way to deal with cuts and burns. They close up the cuts and accelerate the healing process.
Grooming manly beards

To Summarise

Whether it’s now or a century ago, beards have always been an essential part of the ensemble for men. Today, with technology and advanced tools, we can choose to play around with our look and try new styles whenever we choose to. A well-groomed beard is undoubtedly an important part of your style statement, so you can and must spend some time and effort into taking care of it, maintaining it well, and, of course, letting it reflect your sense of style.


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