Thinning hair can really affect a man’s confidence and as a result, we may stay in denial trying all sorts of tricks to cover it up. But as Dan Davies, the General Manager of Pall Mall Barbers would advise, it’s far better to work with it, getting the right cut and using the right products, rather than trying to disguise it.

Dan’s expert opinion on thinning hair has been quoted on, the complete fashion, style, fitness and grooming guide for the modern gent. With their team of industry experts,┬áprovide the everyday male with the latest advice, inspiration and guides to looking their best daily and has over 1 million readers a month.

If you want to read what Dan has to say on thinning hair, click through to the 2015 Male Grooming Manifesto and then scroll down to May’s entry.

First of all, Dan suggests getting it cut rather than trying to grow the thinning hair and then using a matt hair styling product like Pall Mall Barbers Pliable Clay. This has been developed, tried and tested by our professional barbers at our barber shops in London and will give definition to shorter styles of mens hair. Pliable Clay is great for creating styles that can be reworked during the day too, especially if you’re going out after work or have a really busy day ahead. It comes in 2 sizes and can be bought online or in any of our Central London barber shops.

If you want to try some Pliable Clay and are not quite sure how to use it, we’ve got a great video of Dan explaining how much to use and exactly how to apply it.┬áCheck out the Pall Mall Barbers youtube channel and watch the video.

And remember, if you’re starting to notice thinning hair, book in for a good haircut at Pall Mall Barbers, get their advice on the right products to use and how to style your hair – you’ll look and feel much better.

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