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Exhibition About Beards

We know beards are still really, really popular.  Whether that’s the full-on bushy variety or the more subtle stubble look, even though on the grapevine, it’s reported that the whole hipster look seems to be waning.

We disagree and a clear indication that beards are as popular as ever is an exhibition about beards currently on at Somerset House in London.
It features 80 portraits of men (and one woman!) with beards by the photographer Mr Elbank who has a fascination with facial hair and beards in particular.  At his exhibition about beards you may even recognise some of the pictures, particularly if you use social media as one of his early portraits of Australian charity campaigner Jimmy Niggles, who grew Oz’s most high-profile beard, went viral and he became a social media sensation.
Exhibition all about beards

Photo of Jimmy Niggles by Mr Elbank

Some of the images at this exhibition about beards are being shown for the first time, exploring the art of male grooming and featuring some amazing pictures of the likes of John Hurt, Ricki Hall, Billy Huxley plus the bearded woman Harnamm Kaur who’s been growing a beard since the age of 16 as a result of a medical condition which causes excess hair growth.
It’s a fascinating exhibition about beards that we’ll definitely be going along to see, and it’s on from March 5 – 29th.  You can get more information on the Somerset House website.
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Look after your own beard, keep it in shape and healthy looking and you never know, you may be featuring in your own exhibition all about beards!
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