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Justice League – Get Ben Affleck’s Haircut & Henry Cavill’s Haircut

Comic book fans have waited a long time for a Justice League movie – and for those of you who want to get Ben Affleck’s haircut as Bruce Wayne / Batman or Henry Cavill’s haircut as Clark Kent / Superman, we’ve asked our barbers how to get those Justice League looks.

Ben Affleck’s haircut

ben affleck batman haircut ben affleck's haircut ben affleck beard
A lot of people are growing out their skin fades and short back and sides for softer looks. The need for harsh, lined-out beards and haircuts is being replaced by softer, more casual, more rugged looks. With Ben Affleck as Batman, he needs to keep that rugged look and have it still look great after removing the infamous cowl.
Here’s how Ben Affleck’s haircut has been achieved:

Clippers have been replaced with scissors, using a scissor-over comb technique to get a softer haircut. The top has been texturised subtly to allow the thickness of the hair to give natural volume. The hair has been blow-dried with a sea salt spray to replicate that just-out-of-the-sea feeling. The hair is then styled with a pliable natural clay.
We’d suggest that a beard needs to be more groomed and cared for than the one Ben Affleck is currently sporting – using our beard oil.

His moustache and chin are much heavier than the hair on the cheeks. A trick of the trade is to take the moustache/chin shorter than the cheeks. Longer hair under the chin can also create the illusion of fullness.

Henry Cavill’s haircut

henry cavill superman henry cavill haircut henry cavills hair
Henry Cavill has a natural curl to his hair, which can be emphasised by having a disconnected parting. Often as guys, we try to battle against our hair to achieve a look, going against what our hair wants to do. Therefore his curls are naturally styling his hair. Just putting a little amount of light dressing cream there, allows the hair to naturally style itself.
Again, a good look for people growing out skin fades and short back/sides for a softer, more professional look.

He’s currently maintaining a short stubbly beard and moustache. A top tip is to use a pre-shave scrub to make the hairs stand up before trimming the stubble, allowing the hairs to be cut evenly. A moustache wax will keep the hairs in place.

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